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  1. ausar318

    Texas unicorns and spiny flowers available

    4 Texas unicorn : 1 sub male, 2 sub female and one adult female (as of 10/23) - $60 for the group 2 adult female spiny flower mantis - $20 each (both molted around middle of October) sub female spiny flower - $15 Shipping via either priority ($15) or express ($40)
  2. ausar318

    Incest with mantids

    I wouldn't suggest any more than one generation of incest babies if it can be helped, maybe two if you want to push it. Any more than that and you'll have a lot of nymph deaths, and they'll be much weaker and more fragile than they should be if they were from separate lineages. Thankfully most...
  3. ausar318


    Awesome experience! Ordered 5 ghosts and they arrive well fed and very active. They were packed well and all in very good health 
  4. ausar318


    Got a handful of orchids from him, definitely will again in the future! Packing was perfect, insulated box with heat pack. Nymphs look good and well fed as well, and they all made it safe and sound. Thank you!
  5. ausar318


  6. ausar318

    Looking for older nymphs

    There is a charity event at the children's hospital in my area, and some of the organizers of the event have asked if I want to bring some of my creatures to show to the kids. I have only small nymphs, so I am looking for a few larger nymphs (presub or sub preferred), any species is fine. I have...
  7. ausar318

    Red runner roaches!

    I’ve got a ton of Red runner roaches I need to get rid of. Perfect food for older mantids, reptiles, and anything else that eats insects.  $10 for 100-125 of them, various sizes (mostly medium - large). Let me know if you want more so we can work out a better deal :) Shipping is $10 for...
  8. ausar318

    Dark stain on nymphs eye.

    I’d agree with @hysteresis. It’s probably  just from her looking at everything there is to see! Unless it’s clearly affecting her vision, she should be fine!
  9. ausar318

    Looking for adult/subadult male spiny flower

    Title says it all :)   I have a friend who just lost their’s, so I’m looking for a new one for them. Thank you!
  10. ausar318

    SUCCESS #2!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s what I thought! Either way, I’m going to have a TON of nymphs!
  11. ausar318

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum!! I’m a little late, but that’s better than never, right 😉. Sounds like an amazing collection you’ve got! There are always people online to help, so don’t ever hesitate to ask a question or just start a chat!
  12. ausar318

    SUCCESS #2!!!!!!!!!!

    I had 3 females and 3 males in the same tank, but I only saw one pair actually connect. Many weeks and 15+ ooths later (!), I have already had at least one ooth from each female hatch in the past week or so (small hatches, only about 6 from each)
  13. ausar318

    Looking for a few things...

    Just wondering if anyone has any of the following species available for sale. I’m interested in both nymphs or ooths. Thank you!  anything from the metallyticus genus Metilia sp Popa spurca  acanthops   or Hestiasula
  14. ausar318

    Tybalt will soon die and I want to pin him

    I’ve read that you typically will want to clean out their abdomen, so that they don’t rot/discolor/stink. If you have a razor, just carefully cut along it’s abdomen where you won’t see it and use tweezers/toothpick to clean out all the goodies 😊
  15. ausar318

    Hard to acquire species.

    I talked to him right before he went inactive, and he had a couple pairs of adult toxodera he was selling for about $600 a pair 
  16. ausar318

    Purple spiny flower mantis?

    I've seen some picture on google of some really purple spiny flower nymphs (search "inaturalist spiny flower mantis"). There are a few entries that are of nearly solid purple nymphs. Has anyone ever had one of these? Or otherwise seen one in real life? I know that this species has been known to...
  17. ausar318

    Looking for Metallyticus splendid

    Just wondering if anyone has any nymphs or ooths of this species. I’m really looking to get a colony going!
  18. ausar318

    ISO male Spiny flower/ or Female FS

    I have an adult female pseudocreobotra wahlbergii, and I would like another male for her (She ate mine!). If possible, I would like to purchase the male.  Conversely, if you have a male, I would be willing to sell/trade her. She molted on January 4, an she hasn't laid an ooth yet, but she is...
  19. ausar318

    Yen Saw - (US)

    Sold a few of my nymphs, so I decided to get a few more nymphs of some species I have. As luck would have it, a few hours after I started looking, Yen made a post offering the two species I was looking for: ghost and spiny flowers. Of course, with a reputation like Yen’s, it was impossible to...
  20. ausar318

    Praying Mantis Kid's book- pictures needed!

    Oh no! My name is out in the open! My cover has been blown!  Kidding, of course lol 😂  By the way, it’s @bugboymark for the second one 😊