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  1. ShieldMantid1997


    Just received my order of three(he sent five)  B. mendica. They were well packed and arrived sooner than expected.  I'll be back. 
  2. ShieldMantid1997

    Tenodera nymphs and bowed legs

    Do you have a picture of it? I'm trying to think of why but can't adequately picture it in my head. 
  3. ShieldMantid1997


    Just received my order from Plaf94. The packing was some of the best I have seen, and the shipping containers were great. The nymphs all arrived safe and healthy. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for his classified posts. 
  4. ShieldMantid1997

    Ru's Mantids!

    That's adorable.
  5. ShieldMantid1997


    Unfortunately we had a DoA due to a molt. But he came to the rescue with a FREE pair to compensate! Great guy and understanding.
  6. ShieldMantid1997


    Received my package in great condition. Very pleased with this transaction.
  7. ShieldMantid1997

    looking to buy orchid mantid, and spiny flower mantid

    Check out the section dedicated to mantis transactions.
  8. ShieldMantid1997

    Confidence Booster

    What i usually do is hand feed. I will take, for this example a cricket, in my hands. Then I remove its head. This allows for the meaty and juicy parts to be exposed. Then I hold it to the mantis' mouth. It will taste it, realize its food, and take it after a couple seconds of eating it...
  9. ShieldMantid1997


    That orchid pic is wonderful. The colors in your pictures are simply amazing.
  10. ShieldMantid1997

    Orchid male, Hymenopus coronatus

    Beautiful mantis. Thanks for sharing.
  11. ShieldMantid1997

    Rhombo' and 'Chaeta logs

    My most recent Chaeta lived to about a year and 2 months
  12. ShieldMantid1997

    Diamonx Jungle carpet Python cross

    I very recently acquired a male carpet python that is 50% diamond. I got him to pair with one of my females but he is much smaller than expected and simply can not handle my large female. He is stunning and puppy dog tame. I just stick him around my neck while i clean his cage. He will make an...
  13. ShieldMantid1997

    Looking for Subadult or adult female Miomantis binotata

    Looking for a sub adult or adult miomantis binotata! Please PM me if you have any available, thanks!
  14. ShieldMantid1997

    Pseudocreobotra whalbergii feeding time

    Just had a pair reach adulthood, good luck i hope we both succeed in breeding them!
  15. ShieldMantid1997

    Had to break this up... U think they'd have kissed?

    Boy do i love the look of these guys.
  16. ShieldMantid1997

    Rhombo' and 'Chaeta logs

  17. ShieldMantid1997

    Haania sp. (Moss Mantis)

    They look incredibly tiny, how long is she?
  18. ShieldMantid1997

    Hello from MD

    Welcome fellow marylander
  19. ShieldMantid1997


    Ordered some shields from Aryia, was not disappointed! The innovative packaging was cool as well, and I am even using the awesome packing container to house my miomantis pair, it's that good. Now wishing I ordered more mantids from her!
  20. ShieldMantid1997


    Just got some nymphs from this man, he's great.