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  1. d17oug18

    Q: Color of Fruit Fly Medium

    can i sell it like this? with the color change? its something new and i dont know how to stop it lol. I use honey and vinegar in the mix but i guess i need to up the dosage of both??
  2. d17oug18

    Q: Color of Fruit Fly Medium

    OK! Im having this wierd problem with my FF food lately, after the breeding and a few days pass, this redish color flows through the top of the food? It doesnt stop them from eating or breeding but i just want to know if mold or something harmful can be red? or is like... blood? idk ??? Any...
  3. d17oug18


    Ordered some mantises and they came in good and healthy, Nothing to complain about here! =) Thanks Mr dave.
  4. d17oug18

    Where Do You Get Your Mesh?

    i found around 2-3 sites that sells ROLLS! of it lol i bought like 500 yrds for almost nothing. rubber is easy to obtain but metal is hard af to find for me.
  5. d17oug18

    My crickets are escaping

    i use nothing but containers with lids and use metal mesh to make sure they cant bite through! lol i should take a pic and load it lol
  6. d17oug18

    WTB/WTT for unicorn boxer mantis

    Title says it, you have it lol. I want to buy or trade for unicorn boxer mantids =) are these completely exstict from the hobby now?
  7. d17oug18

    Live Plants for Mantis Enclosure

    nice one, good idea, and those are like a buck a piece
  8. d17oug18

    Show Your Enclosures

    i see some of you are using plastic or rubber mesh, i use aluminum, i feed with crickets so its convenient for me to use cricket proof mesh =P
  9. d17oug18 (Peter Clausen) (US)

    Got some feeders that where FF's and very VERY happy, A++++++++ On every aspect.
  10. d17oug18

    Welcome to SpongeWorld!

    I miss watching your crazy creations, youve alwaz been the creative genius of us all =P
  11. d17oug18

    Do you use paper towel??

    I also use papertowels, IF they get moldy or to "dirty" they are easy to take out becuase they harden when dry, lol love use it them, except for ooths, cuase baby nymphs love hiding underneath and then get stuck -,-'
  12. d17oug18

    Sponge for feeding holes...

    I recommend dollar store sponges, they work good and you get a lot for just a buck lol. I dont use sponges but when i did they came in mighty handy =D
  13. d17oug18

    What do you feed your crickets ?

    i once saw and use myself, a stack of wet papertowels, paper, or sponges, they can drink up the water from it and wont drown(which they do even with a VERY shallow water), I used honey, and all veggie scraps and used dense dirt as subtrate. NEVER feed store bought crickets right away, they...
  14. d17oug18

    Bees vs Crickets

    i dont know the difference, honestly, but ive never fed bees ever lol. But i just wanted to know if honey fed crickets would be the same thing, ive been thinking about it for a while and i dont really see a difference?
  15. d17oug18

    WTB : Luna Moths/Catapillars

    If anyone has any for sales(eggs or cats). Let me know, interested greatly in them =D
  16. d17oug18

    Bees vs Crickets

    Now back in the day, people would tell me... Feeding honey to crickets is useless, becuase by the time they eat it, its in there system and the nuitrients in it are gone. Here's my question, if this is so, then why are bees any better? They eat the honey, its in there system... i dont...
  17. d17oug18

    Just a pic on a Wahlbergii :)

    nice pic =)
  18. d17oug18

    crickets and gonglyus

    Naw, same span about a year, but they shed at 3-4 months at a time(instead of weeks) and getting to adulthood was really difficult for them to reach, BUT! keeping them colder also ment the humidity could be nill and they can still shed without any problems, for me at least, #1 holding surface...
  19. d17oug18

    crickets and gonglyus

    Well people in europe are, in my opinion, ages ahead of us on mantis care! And when i first started this hobby plenty were expiermenting with alot of foods and care and housing! Its already been proven many many times that a tropical mantis can live a full term just on crickets, kept cold...
  20. d17oug18

    crickets and gonglyus

    I have 5th gen violins captive, with outside sources getting new females and males every now and again to keep the species strong. ALL 100% fed on crickets until there adults, once adults fed flies 100% all grew large healthy and long lived. I no longer have the cite but breeders about 4-5...