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  1. hibiscusmile

    ISO Male orchids

    Any size and I can trade if anyone needs an adult.
  2. hibiscusmile

    Mantis Advice

    hi, yes it has to have something to eat. A local pet store will have mealworms and crickets, my site has bluebottle flies too.
  3. hibiscusmile

    Hi! New first-timer

  4. hibiscusmile

    Questions about breeding mantises

    Lot's of questions, this forum has a lot of answers for you. You need to take some time and do some reading. Rising insects like any creature takes time to learn.
  5. hibiscusmile

    scared i overfed

    2 flies wont hurt it, I give mine 4 or 5 a time.
  6. hibiscusmile


    sorry you were not able to get info due to your age on the forum here. Welcome.
  7. hibiscusmile

    Housing Conditions and Molting

    Mine do that a lot, it won't hurt it. My last girl was adult and lived quite awhile. She just died last week. She was not mated or laid ooths, but she was adult for quite a few months with no problems.
  8. hibiscusmile


    hi, sorry for the late reply, but this just showed up. They are to fatty to feed every day, once a week is ok. We use mostly blue bottle flies.
  9. hibiscusmile


    What's up!
  10. hibiscusmile

    My macro pics

  11. hibiscusmile

    Just Getting Started

  12. hibiscusmile

    Choeradodis rhombicollis in heavy premolt for a week?

    I feed them untill they strike away or run from the food. Don't yo be the one who decides when she can eat. God made it so they know instinctually when to do what.
  13. hibiscusmile

    Time in between Matings for Male

    Let him have a day of rest then he can go again. If he seems not interested, give him a few days. Make sure he is well fed.
  14. hibiscusmile

    Looking for a large greenish praying mantis female

    I just had a hatch of g. asian, check my site.
  15. hibiscusmile

    hello : )

    Welcome, some put in freezer and some stuff them. I do the latter.
  16. hibiscusmile

    Black Eyes and Possible Abdomen Collapse: Two Chinese Mantis Nymphs, a Case Study

    I believe that the ab's do this when the container they are in when 4th instar on up is to small.
  17. hibiscusmile

    Deformed wings, is it too late?

    Ditto, they will stay that way. Doesn't make it any more less of a mantis though.
  18. hibiscusmile


    hi and welcome!
  19. hibiscusmile

    Idolomantis, Brancsikia, Omomantis, Hymenopus and others

    A member on this forum has spent 250.00 with you and you are not sending or answering his messages. You need to give him his merchandise or refund his money. Do not buy from EXO as he is not being honest. I will revise this when he does answer.
  20. hibiscusmile

    Mesh for enclosures

    When using glue guns for insect houses, use the low temp gun, it will not leave it sticky when cooled.