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    Whats new?

    Hey all, Not really a new member here—but hey, its been a while. I have been super busy with school lately and I'm trying to remember, but I think I have not kept anything for almost two years :blush: . Anyways, whats new over here? Cheers, Gripen
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    Sally's mantis thread start 05/13

    Great thread Sally! How have you been keeping the S. Bicornis? Do you have enough to breed them? I had no idea they were still in culture. Do you plan on putting them Empusa through a cool period? I have heard you can do it either way. How did the D. Trigonodera treat you? They are an...
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    My Gongylus gongylodes Enclosures.

    Looks like you are using metal mesh. That is a big "no-no" for gongys. They have a high chance of breaking their tarsis on the mesh.
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    New Ooth... What should I do?

    Keep it. If it is miomantis spp., it can hatch without mating.
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    b. Mendica trouble,

    Try that, yes.
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    b. Mendica trouble,

    Crickets could be the problem. I think it is most likely humidity that is the problem. They need very low humidity. While they like to drink water, a humid environment is bad.
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    Haania sp. (Moss Mantis)

    Those are two questions that do not go well together.
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    b. Mendica trouble,

    Don't provide any humidity. It sounds like she has a gut problem. What are you feeding her?
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    Haania sp. (Moss Mantis)

    Can you post pics of the vivarium you have set up for them? I would love to know how you grow such nice moss...
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    Fantastic prices, good communication, excellent packaging, whats not to love? Thanks Patty!
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    Why is my Idolo puking?

    You are over feeding. 2 maybe 3 BBs a week is fine. One every day will result in puking.
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    Riem's Photo Booth!

    Not in Thailand...
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    Riem's Photo Booth!

    I do not think you can ID a nymph like this. There are so many medium sized green mantids in this section of the world that getting the genus right is often hard.
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    Looking For Hymenopus, Theopropus, and Heterochaeta

    Hey all, As the title says, looking for Hymenopus, Theopropus and Heterochaeta. Looking for nymphs, pairs, adults, etc... Thanks for looking, Gripen
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    Youngling, deceased Parasphendale agrionina

    Wow that is very cool looking! Sorry to hear though...
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    Idolo pen drawing

    Very nice!
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    Possibly an h. membranacea?

    No they don't.
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    What mantis is this?

    My bad, I thought curved thorax meant Paratoxodera. Sorry for the confusion.
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    What mantis is this?

    Not Toxodera...