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    Help me decide what species i should keep next ! :D

    first check availability, no point in deciding on a species you can't get. there are those who want big, others want color, others want speed. you have to consider ease of care also. some require flying prey, high humidity, or high temp. all present different challenges. i have raised about 7 or...
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    lobster roaches

    you pay freight and they are free. i have had an explosion of growth in my 2 colonies. THEY ARE ALL GONE
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    What kinda roaches?

    i have B. Lat and lobster, i like them because they are smart enough to drink without drowning. i hate crickets!!! they stink, they are stupid and they will kill a molting mantis. i have not seen a roach do that. the lobsters seem like more food for the mantis, but the B. lat can't climb. the...
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    Hierodula identification

    i had grandis from Deshawn and Mem. from a calif. breeder. they were about 2 weeks apart in age, and all the way through i was able to tell them apart. by using the marking pen label on the lids of their containers. lol The Mem. females seemed to have larger red segments on the bottom of...
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    Polyspilota aeruginosa ( Madagascan Marbled)

    at what age and what characteristics can you tell a male from a female? marble mantis (Hierodula Parviceps) in the last group i ended up with a brown female and male, but all the others were green, what is to be expected? and at what molt can you see the change, i just had an ooth hatch and i...
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    do they need misting? if they are not thirsty, they should be eating the FF or each other. what kind, what temp, what humidity? all will effect your outcome
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    any feeding subs

    go to pet co or petsmart, they usually have small containers of live flies. check your FF container, even if the adults are dead, the larvae may produce if kept warm?
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    What sort of price

    i sold mine for 25.00-30.00. but interstingly i get e mails saying 25.00 is too much, and i usually ask them to let me know where they find them cheaper, that way i could get some too?
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    Thailand Green Mantids (Hierodula sp.) advertises them, since they don't answer e mails i'm not sure if they are real, but you might try there and look for care sheets
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    My mantis likes Chicken

    in a pinch i have used raw chicken liver, i warm it and cut it in small pieces. i have had I. Oritoria on it for months. have not used it on any other kind of mantis. read about the liver in a book?
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    female abdomen

    i have seen the female flower curve their abdomen, indicating they are ready to mate (releasing feramones), but i had not seen it in others until last night, my marbled females (3) all were doing it (Hierodula Parviceps) i have never seen any of the giant mantids or i oritoria do it. what have...
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    i purchased an ooth from him. it arrived promptly, and was packaged well. but the best thing about the deal is it hatched and hatched and hatched. i have lots of little aliens. would/will recomend him, and plan on buying from him again.
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    Parasitic wasps

    look at Deshawns site, i believe he has had a similiar experience.
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    Odd behavior from Peruvian mantis *Pic*

    i found a small light brown male mantis outside my work last summer, he had pointy eyes, and is not like any i have seen. but when i took him home, he escaped and tried to run, not fly, and he did the same thing. he played dead, on his back. he even let me pick him up? he did it several times...
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    grr....annoyed...Royal Mail...

    i write "Hobby suplies", if i were you i would be tempted to box 20 boxes of something on the list, and when she opens them, tuff for her, it may take a couple times, but she may get tired of opening boxes. can you send fresh cat poop? i never put anything about the contents, i have worked at an...
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    Yen Saw - (US)

    i just completed my 4th purchase from him. as always more than paid for, all healthy. i would recomend him as long as you leave some mantids for me. lol.
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    Size/amound of food items ang age of mantids

    what kind of mantis, the Giant mantids can take button crickets pretty early, but the 2 sizes of FF are less expensive to use than crickets. search or browse the food and feeding forum, where i bet they move this to soon.
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    food question, order small FF, and large FF as the freight is the biggest part of it. then on another order get media and extra containers. you can get the wood spagetti at walmart in the flower section. try to have the flies before hatch. in a pinch petco or petsmart sell little fly...
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    mold problems

    what kind of ooths, and how long did you expect until hatch?