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  1. MirageTheShadow

    First molt in my care

    Oh, I forgot to update. He molted just fine! It took a day for me to notice the size difference though. I think his patterns may have gotten more prominent too!
  2. MirageTheShadow

    First molt in my care

    My first mantis Coffee (male budwing, probably around i4 but I'm not sure) is just about ready to molt. He's not accepting food, he's upside down, and he's got the lighter colors. I first noticed the signs about 24 hours ago. I bumped up the humidity and removed the one decorative piece that...
  3. MirageTheShadow

    Tong trouble

    Not crickets. I haven't caught any. Mostly small beetles. I'm going to try a wolf spider soon (with supervision to make sure it doesn't hurt him).
  4. MirageTheShadow

    Tong trouble

    So when I first got Coffee, I needed a quick and easy set of tongs to feed him since his set-up is so big comparatively. I got the Zoo Med glow-in-the-dark mantis tongs. However, they're a big bulky and I've noticed Coffee is scared of them, not even taking food from them. I've just been putting...
  5. MirageTheShadow

    Mirage's mantids (will update as needed)

    Hi! I'll just use the one thread as I get more mantids. This is Coffee, my first mantis. He's a male budwing, I don't know what instar because the breeder didn't list in on his cup (I got him at an expo). He mostly eats whatever bugs I find around the house and his favorite food so far is the...
  6. MirageTheShadow

    Mirage says hello!

    (I couldn't come up with a good title.) Hello! I'm Mirage, a new mantis keeper. I got my first mantis a few weeks ago, a young budwing boy named Coffee! Unfortunately I don't know what instar he is but I know he's not fully grown yet. His favorite spots are my head and anywhere he's not...