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  1. Walker Jones

    Mantis Shenanigans

    Female ghost get out of my room, and climb down into an umbrella to hide while i torn my room up looking for her, they are so good at hide and seek when given the chance to escape
  2. Walker Jones

    Mantis Handling and Taming!

    I have absolutely noticed many of my have absolutely become more habituated to my handling, when i used to feed my Chinese honey they would actively search my hand for it almost every time i opened my lid. Just handle them a lot and be gentle but just slightly more confident as you go so they...
  3. Walker Jones

    Questions about breeding mantises

    absolutely want a permit from the USDA before you start selling, try applying to the permit with something simple on your requrest, like a chinese mantis (which is already pretty widespread in america) and after you get approved add on everything else you bit by bit to your permit. If you work...
  4. Walker Jones

    Floppy Abdomen and/or Abdomen Collapse

    I've "cured" a chinese mantis of this before, I kept it in a fishbowl so it was forced to stay upright and made sure to feed it to give it structure to its abdomen and sure enough she molted to adulthood just fine! after about a week of keeping it upright and well fed the improvements were...
  5. Walker Jones

    humidifier for the bug room?

    i'll have to consider the mold part but the room I have them in is brick/stone so I'm not worried about mold, also I mentioned 58% because I would spray, get the RH up to 85% for it drop all the way down to 58 when that species is supposed to within the 70-85% range. I'll also give context that...
  6. Walker Jones

    Ghost mantid egg laying?

    Hello all! I have three adult female ghost and i'm waiting for them to lay an ooth. I was wondering how long does it normally take for a fertile female to lay? I've been very impatiently waiting for an ooth to arrive!
  7. Walker Jones

    Silly mantis things?

    I like to put my hand juusssst out of reach so they try to swipe and swipe at something they can't reach
  8. Walker Jones

    breeding rhombodera stalli

    Both the male and female are adults! I'm gonna give a three week gap and then pair them up, wish me luck!
  9. Walker Jones

    breeding rhombodera stalli

    Stillwater Oklahoma
  10. Walker Jones

    humidifier for the bug room?

    Hello all! I have been having trouble keeping my "bug room" and my bugs humid. I will spray the heck out of one of my cages and wake up for it to be 58 RH! I was thinking about investing in a humidifier, have any of you had any luck with using them to keep humidity higher or would it be a waste...
  11. Walker Jones

    breeding rhombodera stalli

    can do! I'm working on my permits atm but if anyone is near Stillwater you won't have to pay shipping!
  12. Walker Jones

    breeding rhombodera stalli

    The female is also in pre-molt now and the male is an adult!
  13. Walker Jones

    breeding rhombodera stalli

    yeah, i've been restricting his food pretty heavily, not starving him but making sure he's cooler and not getting a thanksgiving meal every week. His wingbuds are pretty engorged so he'll be an adult soon. keep his girlfriend very warm, 78-84, and feeding her as much within reason. rhombodera...
  14. Walker Jones

    let's start a thread of mundane occurrences!

    I was meandering along a river around 10-11 at night and heard something fall from the top of some branches, after a few seconds I saw what looked like eyes bobbing around and screeching! An owl had apparently fallen from its perch across the river and was peeved at me, so it yelled at me for...
  15. Walker Jones

    breeding rhombodera stalli

    Hey all! I've got a male rhomby almost ready to molt to adulthood and a female that's been a subadult for almost two weeks. What I want to know is how long my male will live? I'm concerned that he may senesce and die before the female is ready to molt, should I look around to buy an adult male...
  16. Walker Jones

    Finally got a good ooth hatch!

    After 3 very disappointing hatches (2,4,2 respectively) I finally got a whole ooth to hatch, I think it was absolutely low humidity that caused, I was traveling at the time and couldn’t give them the care they deserve, I’ve got 11 beautiful hatchlings 😊.
  17. Walker Jones

    Incomplete Ghost Ooth Hatching

    Potentially, I’ve been traveling and it’s been hard to properly incubate them, hopefully I’ll do better with the rest, a tiny tiny ooth hatched a gave me 4 little ones out of about 8-10 embryos so there’s at least an improvement
  18. Walker Jones

    Incomplete Ghost Ooth Hatching

    did you mean to say the other eggs (in said ooth) should be fine or that those are the only two hatchlings I’ll get out of that ooth?
  19. Walker Jones

    New to the group