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    I sold some isopods to cometmoth recently and let me tell you, cometmoth was so patient with me! I had many many many delays and cometmoth was cool as a cucumber the whole time. I'm so grateful for the kindness, and for the smooth purchase that he made. I totally recommend dealing with cometmoth!
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    FOR SALE: "Panda King" Cubaris sp.

    Sold. Shutting down my colony of Cubaris sp. "Panda King". I stopped counting at 100 (and there are more)! You get all of them, plus the substrate, with a bunch of babies (mancae) in it. Take everything for $100 shipped. See my flawless reviews...
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    Tadpole Progression Log

    I remember reading this thread all those years ago, I LOVE that you are still keeping these toads! Are they the progeny from the original posts you made? Please update with more photos and your experiences!
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    Baby Mantids need a good home

    Know the species? Do you ship if shipping is paid for? Good Luck!
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    Terrestrial Isopods for Worms or Fish

    I can offer large colonies (50 +) of the below terrestrial isopods: Porcellio laevis “Orange” Cubaris murina "Papaya" Cubaris sp. "Panda King" Cubaris sp. "Rubber Ducky" I'm looking for the below worms & fish: Super Worms (Zophobas Morio) Silk Worms (Bombyx mori) Guppies - any type, but red...
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    LARGE Isopod Starter Colonies

    *Due to life events, I'm pausing this for now. Will update when I'm ready to move some isopods!* Isopods for sale: * Porcellio laevis 'Orange' - 100 for $50 shipped. * Cubaris murina 'Papaya' - 50 for $100 shipped. * Cubaris sp. 'Panda King' isopods - 25 for $50 shipped. * Cubaris sp...
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    TNTs Mantids

    Had a great trade with TNTs Mantids! Thanks for our 2nd deal!  :D
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    Mantis ID in Savannah GA - Mantis walking on Spiderweb!

    I know the spider was gone for a few days, weather or not the mantis ate it, I don't know.   But yeah, that area gets real dusty from the road, could have been less sticky.  I was just amazed at how precisely the mantis navigated the web!  I really did think it was a spider at first.
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    Mantis ID in Savannah GA - Mantis walking on Spiderweb!

    Maybe not . . . too green and long body with too short legs. This may have been it.  The color is right, with long skinny legs! But what about the "walking on a spider web" aspect?  Is there another account of Thesprotia graminis (or any other mantis) being able to walk on a spider web...
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    Mantis ID in Savannah GA - Mantis walking on Spiderweb!

    In Savannah GA, I saw a mantis a few months ago and I've been meaning to get an ID.  So, there is a sign that is held up by 2 wooden post.  There is about 3 or 4 feet in between the posts and there was an old spiderweb that was built between the post.  I say an "old spiderweb" because it had...
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    *CLOSED* For Sale: Isopod Fruit Cocktail

    *CLOSED*  Thanks for Looking! Isopod Fruit Cocktail super fresh and just picked for you!  You'll get: 30 Porcellionides pruinosus ‘Orange’ 25 Armadillidium nasatum ‘Peach’ 12 Cubaris murina 'Papaya' Get your  Isopod Fruit Cocktail for a quick $75 and I'll pay shipping!  You...
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    Mealworms & Styrofoam Composting

    *UPDATE* I'm on my 2nd generation of mealworms, that have been raised on mostly pure styrofoam, I say "mostly" because I would give small portions of other food every month or so, mainly for the meal beetles that started emerging. I did find that meal beetles will eat some styrofoam, but they...
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    TNTs Mantids

    Woah!  I meant to make a review for TNTs Mantids back in June!  Sorry for the wait! Anyway, I had a great experience, payment was quick and I was informed that the box arrived.  It's always nice to know the bugs you shipped out arrived in good shape! Hope to do more "business" in the future! ...
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    *CLOSED* SALE: Bioactive Substrate

    *CLOSED*  Thanks for looking! For Sale or Trade:  Bioactive Substrate that is seeded with mancae (baby) Porcellio dilatatus 'Giant Canyon' Isopods.  You may get some springtails too.  About a "shoe box" sized amount of Bioactive Substrate for $30.00 shipped.  Or trade for Meal Worms! See my...
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    Both forearms/raptors missing

    A mantis can eat if missing limbs.  Bring an insect to the mantid's mouth (tongs may help) and if they are hungry, they may eat.  It could help if the invert your offering has it's body "opened" so the juicy parts are exposed (example, removing the head on a cricket and offering the juicy...
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    I suggest looking on plants and by windows.  As mentioned, normally high up. Good Luck!
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    **SOLD** SALE or TRADE: Assassin Bugs and Isopods

    **SOLD**  Thanks for looking!     I'm shutting down a few colonies, help me out!   100 Giant Canyon Isopods (Porcellio dilatatus) for $50 shipped.  SOLD 250 Giant Canyon Isopods (Porcellio dilatatus) for $80 shipped.  SOLD 50 Peach Pillbugs (Armadillidium nasatum 'Peach') for $30 shipped. ...
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    Stick insects in southern california?

    Baha!  Love that! 
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    Mealworms & Styrofoam Composting

    From what I've read, yes, they can. (see links below)  And I've started raising some with only styrofoam . . . and they are still alive.  I just mist with water every now and then.  I think the beetles need other foods though, but I'm not totally sure yet. From what I've read, they pass any...
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    Mealworms & Styrofoam Composting

    Are you using Mealworms to compost styrofoam? I have a setup and I was wondering, do mealbeetles eat styrofoam too, or just the mealworms? Do you have any other tips on styrofoam composting with mealworms?