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  1. ismart

    How long after mating can the male be mated again?

    I would normally wait about three days. They could easily be ready to mate sooner, but i like to make sure the males are fully recharged for more baby making.  B)
  2. ismart

    WTB Adult male Idolomantis diabolica

    I have an adult female that needs some lovin. If anyone is willing to sell an adult male. That would be great! Thanks for looking.
  3. ismart

    Yen Saw - (US)

    I received some very nice mantids fron Yen. They all arrived a live, and well. communication was superb and fast. His packing is top notch. He even throw in a few Extras. If you have yet to do business with Yen, then you are missing out. One of the best mantid breeders of all time. He's a great...
  4. ismart

    Adult male Ghost wanted

    As the topic states. Please PM me if you can help? Thank-you! Paul
  5. ismart

    Mystery mantis ID

    Looks like it has some charateristics of perhaps a rhombodera sp.?
  6. ismart


    I need males of a few species. Adult males of Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii, Parymenopus davisonii.L4 Phyllocrania paradoxa. If anyone has these for sale? Please PM me with a price. Thank-you! Paul
  7. ismart

    Bugfest 2013! Pics are up!

    Don't know the exact time i will be there, but i will give you a call when i'm there devetaki9.
  8. ismart

    hello from ky

    It's a Stagmomantis species. Could be carolina. limbata, or californica depending on your location?
  9. ismart

    Deroplatys lobata vs huge grasshopper

    Great caption! :lol:
  10. ismart

    Bugfest 2013! Pics are up!

    Rick what ever happened to Andrew? I remember he helped host the table with you for a few years.
  11. ismart

    Bugfest 2013! Pics are up!

    You got to check out the cafe. They had all sorts of buggy goodness. If you want i can hold down the fort for you so you could look around? I know you are not into much of the other bugs, but there are some very cool tables. I was explaining to my friend what insects were at each table. I had...
  12. ismart

    Bugfest 2013! Pics are up!

    You should check out orbits. We got plane fair, hotel and car rental for under $400.00 each for 5 nights. Not to bad.
  13. ismart

    Male or female?

    Mimie Yours is 100% female. Mantid mike, both of yours are males.
  14. ismart

    Bugfest 2013! Pics are up!

    I don't know exactly what time i should be at bugfest? I will be arriving Friday night, so i'm sure there will be a lot of drinking going on Friday. :shifty: :clown: :lol: So PM me with your # or vise versa. My friend does actually have a lot in common with me, like checking out parks...
  15. ismart

    Bugfest 2013! Pics are up!

    I know how crazy this event is. I usually only stay for a few hours anyway. My friend really is not into all the bug stuff, so i don't want to torture him for to long. :rolleyes:
  16. ismart

    Parymenopus davisoni

    She is pretty. nice yellow. My last females is more green. Never had green until now. I hope she lays you plenty of fertile ooths.
  17. ismart

    Bugfest 2013! Pics are up!

    I can't seem to stay away. I will going again this year. This will be the fourth year in a row.
  18. ismart

    My last Parymenopus davisonii

    I sent a few messages out to a few people. No luck yet? I will keep trying tho.
  19. ismart

    My last Parymenopus davisonii

    Good luck with your orchid ooths hatching Andrew. :)
  20. ismart

    My last Parymenopus davisonii

    Thanks! this species is one of my favorite.