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  1. pabrekim57

    Free Crickets

    I have too many banded crickets i can’t afford to keep in my cricket bin,so Ill do a little giveaway. You will only pay shipping fee. Just take as many as you want. I have 3 times as many crickets as shown in the video since that’s 2 months ago. So feel free to contact me please
  2. pabrekim57

    Looking for a giant shield (megaera) mantis male

    I’m looking for a subadult~adult male preferably younger to breed with my females. I’ll pay for a good price.
  3. pabrekim57

    Giant shield (kirbyi) mantis nymphs

    Hello, I have a giant shield mantis (rhombodera kirbyi) ootheca started to hatch 2 weeks ago. They are i2~i3 right now and and the price will be $11 each for single $10 for 2 or more. I will ship some banded crickets with it for free (any size your choice) if you want. Please message me if...
  4. pabrekim57

    Looking for a male megaera older than presub stage

    My only male megaera for the breeding group died last night because of the mismolt, so I’m looking for one 😢 I will take tolerably unless they’re not too old
  5. pabrekim57

    Still looking for female zebra mantis

    Haven’t found a female yet, and my male zebra mantis just molted into adult. I want to have a breeding on them! Please contact me
  6. pabrekim57

    looking for female zebra mantis

    Hello, I’m looking for a female zebra mantis over i6 for the breeding project with my subadult male zebra mantis.
  7. pabrekim57

    Last call for kirbyis

    $14 I6 rhombohedra kirbyi female $14 pre-subdult rhombodera kirbyi male $25 for both! $10, $13 ea i4, I6 ghost mantis female or male $12 ea i3 rhombodera megaera If no one wants kirbyis by end of this month I'll just keep them for the next generation
  8. pabrekim57

    many beginner friendly speceis available

    $22 I6 rhombohedra kirbyi female-1 available ->now $18! $25 pre-subdult rhombodera kirbyi male-1 available -> now $20! $14 ea I6+ ghost mantis (sexed)-3 available $12 ea i5 rhombodera megaera - 2 available
  9. pabrekim57


  10. pabrekim57

    Going to be selling H. majuscula soon

    Hi looking for a pair of Majuscula! I've tried to contact @yen_saw but he hasn't replied anything yet, so would like to know if you know any information on what's going on with those Majuscula ooths.
  11. pabrekim57

    Whats up everyone

    recently back at this hobby after 10 years of break. Looking forward to see you guys soon
  12. pabrekim57

    Looking for Megaera, Hyalina, kirby, basalis, valida, Majuscula

    If you have any nymph of those species above more then 4, please let me know. ooths are even fine.