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    What's new?

    This thread brought back a lot of memories. Rick, Orin, and others. Hope you’ve been well 👍🏾
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    Thought I'd share

    I should say that something people may enjoy is that yes, our mantids do have "personalities" ?
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    Thought I'd share

    Mantids are what got me interested science way back when I was a kid. And that continued when I first joined this forum as a freshman in HS. Although I'm now primarily studying black and brown widows, I'm happy to have this paper out. Hope you enjoy!
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    Cilnia humeralis

    Shamelessly bumping this thread (rather than creating an ad since I'm also genuinely curious on the status of C. humeralis  in the US).
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    Best care for tenodora sinensis nymphs?

    I've literally just witnessed my L1s cannibalizing after failing to feed them after their first two days. It may not occur frequently enough to rely upon (if that's what you're trying to do) due to closet similarities in size, but it can and does happen. 
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    Best care for tenodora sinensis nymphs?

    I'm late but fed them pollen. Doing a study on them and taking the advice of a separate study that found pollen reduced mortality and increased growth rate in this species. Also they will cannibalize at L1
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    ISO adult pair

    Hi, as the title says, I'm looking for an adult pair or two. I'm not picky on the species however I'm not interested in the cryptic (read flower mantids, gongys, etc.) species. So anyone with Hierodula, Sphodromantis, budwings, rhombodera, tenodera, etc., please don't hesitate to pm me or email...
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    Mantis species???

    Definitely not a carolina. It's an adult female though. I'm going to guess you purchased that...? I'd be very surprised if you found that in Vegas as it looks exotic.
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    WTB Adult Pair "Generic" mantids

    Hello, as the title says I'm looking to purchase an adult pair of mantids that have sort of the "generic" mantis body (think Stagmomantis, Sphodromantis, Hierodula, etc.) Please pm me if you have any adult pairs you're willing to sale! Thanks!
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    WTB list

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase the following: Stagmomantis limbata (in "bulk" meaning more than two). Please pm me and we can negotiate  Sphodromantis lineola male. Unfortunately all five of my females are males and I'm in need of one or two males to mate them all.  Thank you
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    I purchased quite a few S. limbata nymphs from Kermit. Not only did he knock the price down upon asking, but he added a few more nymphs. He was excellent in communicating, provided shipping number, actually tracked the package himself, and the packaging was professional. Would definitely do...
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    I purchased a S. limbata ooth from rBird and it was a very smooth process. Fast communication, sent tracking info, neatly packed. Now just waiting for them to hatch! Would definitely do business again. 
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    WTB Stagmomantis limbata

    Hi everyone, I'm very much interested in obtaining some S. limbata for some preliminary trials I intend to run looking at their behavior (first summer of gradschool...yay). So essentially, I'm looking to purchase ooths but any pair at any life stage will do. Basically, I need these guys and a...
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    Received 5 double shields from Sticky and they all arrived safely, professionally packaged. Easy to communicate with, would definitely do business with Robin again.
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    Mantis Monarch

    To add to this thread: I purchased a pair of budwings from Mantis Monarch. Professional communication, he had the last molt dates. And he ended up sending an EXTRA pair of budwings AND some T. sinensis nymphs! I would definitely deal with Mantis Monarch again as it was a great experience and...
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    Alexander's Mantids: 2012 - Present

    Congrats! I'm happy your Idolo female had a successful molt! Please keep us updated
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    Miomantis bleeding(?) after molt

    It should be fine though. I wouldn't do anything.
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    WTB Naturalized U.S. mantis ooths

    As the topic says, I'm interested in purchasing some guaranteed fertile ooths of species naturalized in the U.S. I know this is broad (on purpose), but I'm really interested in I. oratoria and Stagmomantis sp. but all offers are welcome :) pm me or email me at [email protected] EDIT...
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    Stagmomantis limbata (?)

    I'm having a bad couple of days. And I know I've flip flopped. S. limbata. Californica wings are black. The lime yellow is indicative of limbata.
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    Stagmomantis limbata (?)

    Sorry to double post, but I'm on my phone and trying to add pictures to show why I'm sure it's S. californica. Hopefully they attach... The ruler picture is a (horrible quality) of my female who looked very similar to rbird's female. The other picture is of her when she was L2