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  1. more_rayne


  2. more_rayne

    who can tell what species i have?

    *whispers* blade = cannabis user. Guess that's not such a popular term outside grasscity, heh.
  3. more_rayne

    who can tell what species i have?

    Welcome fellow blade.
  4. more_rayne

    Optical illusion no longer an illusion?

    It's head was moving as well as your camera. Even the slightest bit of movement will cause that illusion.
  5. more_rayne

    Greetings all from southern california

    Welcome, I also like rc helis and quadcopters.
  6. more_rayne

    Insect Fair Cal Poly Pomona (California)

    The insect fair at calpoly sucked, very little to see, done in 15 mins. When they use to have it near the pumpkin patch area, it was way bigger and lots to see. I don't know the location of it this year, but if it's still being held in some remote building where you have to take a shuttle to...
  7. more_rayne

    Amy Lee lead singer of Evanscene with a mantis.....

    She looks frightened of it
  8. more_rayne

    Comment by 'more_rayne' in media 'More of the same'

    Your eyeshadow matches your fingernails and mantis!
  9. more_rayne

    Comment by 'more_rayne' in media 'me and my kitty cat'

    Cat pics are always welcome
  10. more_rayne

    Caught Scorpion with babies

    And if you find any more of these pests, I've got a good home for them!
  11. more_rayne

    Macro photo of a harvestman

    Awesome bug!
  12. more_rayne

    Spiny Flower Mantis - Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii

    Here's more, this one is a subadult.
  13. more_rayne

    Giant Prickly Stick Insect - Extatosoma tiaratum

    This doesn't belong to me, she(?) was on loan for photoshoot.
  14. more_rayne

    Silkmoth - Bombyx mori

    This moth was given to me, so i don't actually know much about raising them. Looks easy though, just toss in some leaves from the right species of plant.
  15. more_rayne

    Silkmoth - Bombyx mori

  16. more_rayne

    Spiny Flower Mantis - Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii

    I believe he's a boy ;)