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    Ralphys mantids/ Mantid Palace

    Just got my mealworms and I'm glad to say everyone came in alive :) even through the harsh weather and I now have plenty of food to feed my mantises with!
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    Desperately Need Flightless Fruit Flies

    Hey does anyone know where I can order fruit flies from that will come alive?
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    Ralphys mantids/Mantid Palace

    Just a few days ago I wanted to buy a few feeder insects and maybe a mantis or two. Long story short I managed to come into contact with Ralphys mantids. When my package came in not only did I receive my order but also an extra mantis courtesy of Ralphys mantids :) . The one day shipping also...
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    My name is Aziel and I've just gotten into keeping mantids not to long ago, I've been so far successful with my 9 mantids haha. If anyone is selling orchids I would be greatly interested!