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  1. Dimity

    Help sexing!

    I need help sexing the bigger 1 also, but it looks female to me...
  2. Dimity

    Help sexing!

    Can someone please sex this H. orientalis for me? This is the smaller of the 2...
  3. Dimity


    I had a giant limbata ooth hatch a while ago and it took forever. I have males and females of different instars, but no adults yet. I have been selling the smaller ones for $10. The older ones would be more, I was going to keep them for breeding. I am looking for a young adult male ghost if you...
  4. Dimity

    LF young adult male ghost

    My girl has worn out her mate a sent him to the great beyond, but she's still calling out for love! Can anyone help a girl out? I need a fairly young adult male ghost to keep her happy...
  5. Dimity

    I made a key to the Creobroter!

    Wow! That must have taken a ton of work and time, great job!
  6. Dimity

    Found an injured mantid URGENT!

    You can use corn starch to help with clotting.
  7. Dimity

    Mantis had a seizure?

    I'm sorry for the loss of your dear mantis. You want to preserve her body? For what purpose? To pin and display, or just to keep forever?
  8. Dimity

    Questions from a beginner

  9. Dimity

    let's start a thread of mundane occurrences!

    I'm sorry for your loss. I know I'm lucky to still have mine, although sometimes she's a challenge.
  10. Dimity

    let's start a thread of mundane occurrences!

    I always get my flu shot and make sure mom (97) gets hers too. We've also had 5 covid shots now including the updated one. And, after I got my pneumonia vaccine I stopped getting bronchitis every year too. Other than a cold once in a while mom never gets sick, so I plan on sticking with what works.
  11. Dimity

    Questions from a beginner

    I have a question too! This is Aubrey, a Texas Unicorn. Can anyone tell the sex from these pictures? I tried to get better ones but he/she just kept jumping on the camera to look at me unless I was far enough away... the last 2 are Aubrey's enclosure and one with my 2 chaeta nymphs in it.
  12. Dimity

    Y'all Are Weird

    Thanks. It needs more people like you too.
  13. Dimity

    Y'all Are Weird

    Hello and welcome, Who really gets to decide what weird is? My mother, who's 97 looks at the mantids and will hold one if I put it in her hand, but she doesn't see the appeal. Neither does my friend (he's afraid) or my boyfriend. But I love all things animal, and science, history, biology...
  14. Dimity

    Leaving the hobby

    I don't really know you but being neurodivergent myself I understand about people making you uncomfortable and visa versa. It took me 50 some years to figure out that I wasn't the only one, and that it wasn't my "fault." It's too bad you're leaving, I would have liked to know you better. Find...
  15. Dimity

    Black spots

    Exactly! Block their vision and they'll stop.
  16. Dimity

    Black spots

    No, they usually had a motive...
  17. Dimity

    Black spots

    Mine would sometimes do that when looking to attack the mantis in the next cup. I just put a slip of paper in between and that stopped it.
  18. Dimity

    My mantises, now and then

    I'm sorry for your loss. Ghosts are very cool. Unfortunately I don't have as much time as I used too and need to cut back on overall numbers for a while. I would like to keep the chaetas and find more S. limbata or other unusual native species.
  19. Dimity

    My mantises, now and then

    Chaetas I still have, S. limbata are all gone or might as well be. I need ooths or breeding stock. Ghosts of various ages...
  20. Dimity

    Chaeta bad molt

    I don't know but she actually has a stump of that leg sticking out of her body along with the 3 other back legs. She gets around pretty well. And the other day I saw one of the smaller chaetas riding her.