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  1. Danny.

    Los Angeles

    Thanks! 🤟🏽
  2. Danny.

    Los Angeles

    Thanks! 👍🏽
  3. Danny.

    Hi from Southern California!

    SGV in the house! Hacienda Heights to be exact 🤟🏽
  4. Danny.

    Los Angeles

    Damn I haven’t been on here in a long time! Just wanted to say hello and hope everyone is doing well! What’s up @Kermit 😂
  5. Danny.

    praying mantis items?

    A lump of coal! 😤
  6. Danny.

    What is Something that Means Everything to You?

    Yikes! 🙃👻😂
  7. Danny.

    Few New and Old Species

    Major props dude!!! ??
  8. Danny.


  9. Danny.

    Costa Rican Adventure

    Pura Vida!  Looks like a successful trip to me! Thanks for posting the pictures.
  10. Danny.

    Okay then....

    It’s a male.
  11. Danny.

    I didn't realize my mantis was about to molt!

    You don’t have to purchase flies or breed them... just go in your backyard and catch em’. It’s quite easy.
  12. Danny.

    I didn't realize my mantis was about to molt!

    Do not feed crickets. Feed flying prey like flies or moths...
  13. Danny.

    Riverside Insect Fair

    I was at the recent UCR insect fair. Anyone else end up going?
  14. Danny.

    Goblin and Angel

    Like this.  :blink: :wacko:
  15. Danny.

    Goblin and Angel

    I've never heard anyone talk about their mantis like that.  :wacko:
  16. Danny.

    Goblin and Angel

  17. Danny.

    Riverside Insect Fair

    I missed it but let me know when the next one comes around.  @KermitCome out to the bird expo! ?
  18. Danny.

    Alexander's Mantids: 2012 - Present

    Congrats on the Idolos bro! I'm sure they will breed for you.
  19. Danny.

    Mystery Mantis Log

    I agree, and no jars.
  20. Danny.

    Mystery Mantis Log

    What are you feeding them?