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  1. Mystymantis

    weird bit on my mantises eye

    Yeah it looks like eye damage that possibly happened during the final molt? Honestly there's no way to tell. But as long as he is eating and acting normally then he should be fine. Like you said keep an eye on his behavior and eating.
  2. Mystymantis

    Well shoot….

    Oh no! I'm so sorry! I feel for you. This is a terrible tragedy! I would be very sad if something like that happened to my mantises. I hope you can build back your mantis collection. Did any survive? What kind of heating or heater were you using?
  3. Mystymantis


    Definitely! Your welcome. You have been a big inspiration to me with your website and all the cool species and supplies you provide. And one of the best places to get feeders and supplies too! Such an awesome thing that you have your own insect store. Which I know you aren't completely shutting...
  4. Mystymantis


    Hi, that is sad news that you are downsizing. You have made many amazing mantis species available to hobbyists! I know you have been doing this for a very long time so it's totally understandable. But your health is far more important so please do what is best for you. Though it is sad to see...
  5. Mystymantis

    Acromantis sp. Daklak

    Oh dear! Yeah that's not something you want to see! The ooths hatched in shipping like that! Looks like they are doing well though.
  6. Mystymantis

    Ceratomantis saussurii

    Beautiful pictures! They are so cute! Good luck with them!
  7. Mystymantis

    For Sale Ghost ooths for sale

    I have a few ghost ooths for sale. Ooths $25 each. PM if interested.
  8. Mystymantis


    No way! Is Bioquip really gone? That's where I get all my bug collecting supplies too. But I haven't gone there in a little while. So did they really die? If so when? I see the Bioquip bugs section is still there but can't connect to the product section. This is very sad! Other then Bioquip I...
  9. Mystymantis

    Field trip bust

    Yeah that sounds like the perfect habitat for insects and mantises. Though it is kinda early for most bugs. Mantises are only maybe just hatching now. Most probably haven't hatched yet, though that also depends on how warm the spring has been so far. Waiting until more flowers were blooming...
  10. Mystymantis

    Field trip bust

    That's a big bummer. Were you somewhere tropical or something? Sorry your field trip was a bust. It's never fun when that happens. I have had a few of those myself. Went to find mantises one time and got nothing but micro ticks! (basically just hatched ticks) Very not fun! I really hope you...
  11. Mystymantis

    Pest ID help

    Yeah I think they need something to grip to climb. Once the enclosure is cleaned and reset it should be good as new.
  12. Mystymantis

    Pest ID help

    Oh yes those are booklice. They can quickly infest things. I have had trouble with them before. They love to eat starch and flour. Which is why they are called booklice because they will feed on the glue on books.
  13. Mystymantis

    How hatch m. religiosa oothecas?

    Don't use tape on the inside of any mantis enclosure. That is a hazard for any nymphs as they will get stuck on it. Use hot glue to glue the ootheca to the top or whatever you are putting it on. Or you could use thread to string the ooth up. Use a needle to poke a tiny hole on the edges of the...
  14. Mystymantis

    Bug art pieces

    Love the insect art! Thanks so much for sharing! And that 3D beetle is awesome.
  15. Mystymantis


    Great communication and very friendly. Kept me up to date on package arrival. Packing of the package was great! I definitely recommend! Great place to get mantises from!
  16. Mystymantis

    Chatting with AI about mantids.

    Very true. So it does make sense it would reference this forum. But I still find it creepy and do not like AI LOL.
  17. Mystymantis

    For Sale Ghost adults available

    I have a few recently molted ghost adults available. Males and females available. Ghost adults $20 each. PM if interested.
  18. Mystymantis

    Laying Ooth care

    I would say feed her a bottle fly like you said and see if she takes it. When a mantis is laying an ooth, whether it is fertile or not, the best thing to do is let her be. Try not to disturb her while she is laying the ooth. She may wait a little to lay more of the ooth. I just noticed this post...
  19. Mystymantis

    Chatting with AI about mantids.

    Gotta say the AI mentioning this forum is creepy.
  20. Mystymantis


    Hello and welcome! Research is very important and it's very good you are doing this important step before diving right in. If you have questions there are many very knowledgeable people here so feel free to ask away!