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  1. Firenkyo

    Mantis macros!

    I use Andonstar AD246S-M Digital Microscope!
  2. Firenkyo

    Tips on mantis preservation

    I use a 70% ethanol to store bugs before I pin them. Rubbing alcohol also works, but it can stiffen them up so if you're looking to pin I'd say to mix the alcohol with some water before storing. If you're not looking to pin, you should be fine storing them in the classic 70-80% rubbing alcohol...
  3. Firenkyo

    Well shoot….

    Oh that sucks, I'm so sorry! :((
  4. Firenkyo

    Mantis macros!

    I think these count as macro? I put my mantises under my microscope sometimes and get some neat pictures and videos of them. The quality is a little grainy, but I still think they look cool. Feel free to post your own pics/vids here if you'd like! Rhubarb cleaning her mouth after eating...
  5. Firenkyo

    Firenkyo's Mantids

    A closer look at the Spiny! Maybe I'll call this one Vanilla Bean? Rhubarb is a bit too big and my hands are a little bit too shaky to take good videos or pictures of her(?) under the microscope
  6. Firenkyo

    Firenkyo's Mantids

    Two new buddies! A big thanks to yen_saw for these guys! This is Rhubarb, a Giant Asian mantis! This little Spiny Flower mantis is currently unnamed! If they stayed looking like this I think the name Pepper would work, but I need to think of something that will fit their adult form too.
  7. Firenkyo

    Pest ID help

    Yay! Glad I could help! Sorry you still have to redo the enclosure though, I hope you get rid of them all!
  8. Firenkyo

    Pest ID help

    Could they be termites maybe? I don't know much about termite reproduction, but it seems weird that they'd be able to grow to such a population without a queen. I did find a couple articles on asexual reproduction and some info that worker females can turn into breeding females (but then they'd...
  9. Firenkyo

    Bug art pieces

    Thank you guys!!
  10. Firenkyo

    Bug art pieces

    About 5 months later....I finally did draw it! I drew a nymph and might try to draw an adult later. Plus some other bug art over the past few months. I got some crayons and watercolor markers for Christmas so I've been trying them out! And I've been trying out 3d modeling! I printed...
  11. Firenkyo

    "A REAL Bug's Life" Review

    That's true! I don't think my time watching it was wasted, I still got to see some cool bugs. The camera footage was pretty good most of the time too.
  12. Firenkyo

    "A REAL Bug's Life" Review

    Hmmmmmmmmm 1. Fig wasp - They're so cool! And I love figs! 2. Antlion - Their larval stage is shown a lot, but not their adult one, which would be cool to see in a documentary. 3. Glow worms! - I didn't even know they were real until like 5 years ago. Their hunting habits are cool and they...
  13. Firenkyo

    Wanted LF Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi and/or other nymphs

    I am interested in buying 2 nymphs of the following species - preferably around i3-i5. They don't have to be from the same person! I have two enclosures, so I made two "categories" of species that I'm looking for. I'm not looking to breed them, so male/female does not matter (slight preference...
  14. Firenkyo

    "A REAL Bug's Life" Review

    Like yeah yeah I guess they're the most relatable/interesting to the general population but there's SO much diversity in bugs! When it wasn't ants, it was bees (thankfully not honeybees though). Plus some of the more 'well-known' bugs like dung beetles, mantises, monarch butterflies, and...
  15. Firenkyo

    "A REAL Bug's Life" Review

    This recently came out on Disney+, and I was really excited to see a series solely about bugs! I'm pretty mixed about it, so here are my thoughts. Good - Bugs! - Nice footage - Some less popular bugs were featured - Some nice connections to integrated pest management and coexisting with...
  16. Firenkyo

    Firenkyo's Mantids

    . Wandering! I'm surprised at how well she can cling on to plastic (she has a mesh strip on the side for easier climbing, but she has never used it and seems to prefer a challenge)
  17. Firenkyo


    I've seen mine drink pretty often! Mine seem to drink more often as adults, and sometimes I'll hold a dropper up to them so they can get a drink.
  18. Firenkyo

    Hello bug friends!

    Greenbean is a perfect name! I bet he enjoyed his last weeks of free food and warmth! Your new guy is really cool, I love the pink eyes!
  19. Firenkyo

    Someone got an Upgrade!

    My ghost likes to hang out upside down on the top mesh as well! She'll sometimes climb the branch I have in her enclosure, but nowhere near as much as my other mantis (jewel flower) explored his cage. It's nice to give them the option for more exploring though! I think the update makes the cage...
  20. Firenkyo

    Laying Ooth care

    She didn't lay any more! She just kinda wandered her whole enclosure up and down a couple times and seemed to be eyeing the cleanup isopods. I offered her a few houseflies and she devoured them. I've still noticed her flexing her abdomen a bit but I haven't seen any more ooth progress