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    Dead babies

    I hatched some praying mantises about a week ago (a Chinese mantis Ootheca and a Carolina mantis Ootheca) and I kept 5 of each species, but then after a couple days, they just dropped dead and now I only have 1, which will probably die soon too. Does this normally happen or am I doing something...
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    Hatching nymphs!

    I didn’t expect this egg to hatch! I don’t too much praying mantises in my area so when I found an Ootheca I didn’t expect it to hatch. I had some Chinese mantis Oothecas recently so I just kept the other Ootheca with it just in case, but it just did hatch so I’m glad it didn’t hatch in my...
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    Fertile Ootheca?

    I found this Ootheca in my backyard about 2 weeks ago, it’s around an inch and a half and I don’t know if it’s fertile. I’m assuming it isn’t because it’s really small, but I suspect it’s a Carolina mantis Ootheca.
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    Finding mantis anything

    I am having so much trouble finding any mantises in the summer, and I have never seen an ootheca in the wild ever. I live in northern Utah, is anyone else having this problem?