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  1. Dwaink


    Has anyone tried paprika in there fruit fly media. Or have a good fruit fly media formula. Regards :cool:
  2. Dwaink

    How I make fruit fly medium!

  3. Dwaink

    Wanted Giant Shield Mantis (Rh. megaera)

    Wanted : Preferably (L2-3) Giant Shield Mantis (Rh. megaera) Regards
  4. Dwaink

    Wanted Rhombodera Kirbyi or the Timor Island shield Mantis

    Wanted : Rhombodera Kirbyi or the Timor Island shield Mantis (L2-3 Regards :love:
  5. Dwaink

    How I make fruit fly medium!

  6. Dwaink

    Wanted Giant Shield Mantis (Rhombodera Baslis)

    Looking for : Giant Shield Mantis (Rhombodera Baslis) Reasonable, do to life span male and female preferable. Regards
  7. Dwaink

    100 Dubia Roaches for Sale

    Ok, Price cut $9.00 per 100 and you pay for postage of your choice. Let me know if anyone is interested. Regards :o
  8. Dwaink

    100 Dubia Roaches for Sale

    Hi, These are a mix of small medium and adult roaches. They are not separated. If someone where to buy more than 100 there $10.00 per 100. Regards :D
  9. Dwaink

    100 Dubia Roaches for Sale

    Hi, I am moving and would like to sell my remaining Feeder Dubia Roaches. I can sell 100 or more! for $15 per 100, postage is extra, your choice, If someone where to buy more than 100 there $10.00 per 100. let me know if interested. Regards B)
  10. Dwaink

    Blatica dubia ( 100 Mixed Feeders )

    Approx 100 small, medium, and adult feeder roaches. $15.00, $10.00 Shipped GT $25.00 Priority mail. Roaches are arguably the best feeder available. They are the future of feeder insects! And the dubia roach is the best available feeder roach PERIOD. The roach known as the dubia ... Blatica...
  11. Dwaink

    For Sale (Rhombodera sp)

    Hi, That is correct. PM me to discuss details. Shipping address, pay-pal etc. Regards
  12. Dwaink

    For Sale (Rhombodera sp)

    Hi, Last summer, medum house flys were the diet. They are currently on small roaches. regards
  13. Dwaink

    For Sale (Rhombodera sp)

    Hi, I have 2 shield mantis left. Sex unknown, they are L4. price 7.00 ea plus priority shipping $5.00. No live delivery guarantee. Pay-pal only. I also have some roaches if also interested. Regards :)
  14. Dwaink

    why everything but not ants?

    It was a fiberglass screen lid, no it didn't get lose. I certainly didn't watch it cut up my mantis!! what is yr pot? Regards
  15. Dwaink

    why everything but not ants?

    Hi, I posted this story awhile back about what happened to me and why ants are dangerous. I had a Texas unicorn in a 32oz container, one day i saw an ant in the bottom carrying of what was a wing from pray that the mantis did not eat, sometimes they don't eat the wings or drop them on the...
  16. Dwaink

    Heating 20 Gal Aquarium

    I am currently trying out a product called Flex watt heat tape on the bottom of the aquarium with a rheostat or dimmer switch. It is so far very slow to heat up using 20 Watts of electricity. The heat bulb at wal mart when i went their they didn't sell except for the black light kind. I am...
  17. Dwaink

    Heating 20 Gal Aquarium

    Hi, I have a 20 Gal aquarium that does not seem to get hot enough to keep my Blaptica dubia feeder roaches. I have a Zoo Med uth right now for a 10-20 gal but it is not hot enough. What would be a good way to get the temps i need, 80 to 95 degree at a reasonable cost. Room stays about 60. Regards
  18. Dwaink

    Ooths in Christmas trees

    Hi, For years commercial tree farmers have been harvesting them from there trees and selling them on the open market. That is one of the reasons they where brought into the United States. I see quite a few Ooth wind up on E-bay. Anywhere from $4.00 to $10.00 each spring. Regards
  19. Dwaink

    Roach Motel

    Hi, I am interested in a permit Roach motel for Blaptica Dubia Roaches. Other than egg crates, paper towel and toilet rolls. I was wondering if anyone had any good designs that are easy and inexpensive to build. Regards :)
  20. Dwaink

    Legal Blaptica dubia

    Hi, I was just wondering if it is legal to raise Blaptica dubia roaches in the united states? Regards :rolleyes: