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  1. Mantodeenforum

    Galinthias amoena

    Here a pic of a male L3:
  2. Mantodeenforum

    Gongylus gongylodes

    Hey, Thanks for the praise. sorry Stefan, but this photos was taked without the teleconverter ;) regards, Nico
  3. Mantodeenforum

    Gongylus gongylodes

    Here are 3 pics of my subadult female: Greetings Nico
  4. Mantodeenforum

    Hestiasula sp.

    Hey guys, here two pics of my Hestiasula brunneriana: MfG Nico
  5. Mantodeenforum

    Deroplatys lobata

    Hey one pic of ma femal D. lobata(subsubadult) Greetings ;)
  6. Deroplatys loabata

    Deroplatys loabata

    subsubadult female
  7. subsubadult female

    subsubadult female

    A beautiful female Deroplatys lobata
  8. Mantodeenforum

    Pseudoharpax Virescens

    2 pics of my Pseudoharpax. adult male: sub female: Greetings nico :D
  9. subadult female

    subadult female

  10. Pseudoharpax virescens virescens

    Pseudoharpax virescens virescens

    adult male
  11. Portrait


  12. Kopulation


  13. Mantodeenforum


  14. Sibylla pretiosa

    Sibylla pretiosa

    Female Sibylla pretiosa