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  1. lancaster1313

    My photo in the Daily Dozen.

    Thanks for looking, to anyone who looks. :D
  2. lancaster1313

    My photo in the Daily Dozen.

    Thank You!
  3. lancaster1313

    My photo in the Daily Dozen.

    It is the first one I uploaded to the site. I feel lucky. 5th photo down, Daughter and spider.
  4. lancaster1313

    How to piss a praying mantis - video

    The finger seems to work better than the tweezers. Most of my mantids only display when I am not trying to piss them off. They just look at my hand when I taunt them. :innocent:
  5. lancaster1313


    A large mantis needs some time to harden their exoskeleton enough to eat something with a hard exoskeleton. I give them more than a day to prevent them from possibly injuring their mouths. Handling can cause problems for the teneral mantis as well. When a female Chinese mantis is ready, they...
  6. lancaster1313

    I Love Mantis

    Welcome. Great mantids and photos!
  7. lancaster1313

    Macro in LOVE Koolkoksoong

    Very nice!
  8. lancaster1313

    How exactly do you tell the gender of a mantis?

    The abdomen on a mantis looks like their butt or tail. The legs are connected with the thorax. I look at the tip of the abdomen when sexing mantids. The link in post #2 is very descriptive.
  9. lancaster1313

    Brunneria borealis - The White Lady... Albino or Color Morph?

    Lookslike Thesprotia sp. I don't read any language but english, but the word Thesprotia stood out to me as I scanned the text under the photos. Edit: Looking closer, agent A has a point. Unless I could read the article, I know next to nothing. :blush:
  10. lancaster1313

    Mantis' eyes suddenly black??

    It is normal for mantids' eyes to darken in low light conditions. The eyes don't seem to change as fast as a human's do when our pupils react to different lighting conditions. Sounds completely normal.
  11. lancaster1313

    Mantis Dying Of Old Age: When's the Right Time?

    Appetite is a deciding factor for me, as well.
  12. lancaster1313

    Surprise Molt!

    For certain species, this is the way it goes for me as well.
  13. lancaster1313


    I can agree to that. When they look like little pillows and lift away from the thorax, ecdysis will happen soon...
  14. lancaster1313


    When they realize that mealworms are edible, you will just be able to drop them in. I like to use a shoebox size sterilite, put in the mantis, and drop the feeder in, if their home container allows crawlers to hide. It is not too much work if you only have a few mantids. It gets really tedious...
  15. lancaster1313

    Mantis Behavior

    They just want to climb. It is pretty cute when they do that.
  16. lancaster1313

    Nymp house?

    That will work. You could glue anything grippable within reach of the mantis who has trouble climbing. I have used screen, silk plants, sticks, etc... I have found that some mantids will try to climb the smooth side of a container even if half of it is rough. Sometimes I wonder about those...
  17. lancaster1313

    Nymp house?

    It looks good, but all that substrate can hinder your ability to get nymphs in or out of the container. If it gets knocked over, nymphs may be crushed. I like to be able to turn my containers upside down so I can fool mantids into climbing up and in. Maintenance is easier without it as well...
  18. lancaster1313


    Animal control around here won't catch raccoons. They make you trap them yourself, which is very dangerous. They get real nasty. They like to attack mantids in cages outdoors too. Raccoons are the :devil2: . I would be happy never to see another raccoon.
  19. lancaster1313

    Appearance of wing buds (first sign of swelling)

    When she gets her full wings there will be no more molting. There is only one subadult stage. There is a confusing term sub subadult that I take to mean the stage before subadult. I don't even like to use it unless I have personal experience raising the species being discussed. The sub thing can...