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    Which reptile ?

    I've kept reptiles before including several speices of frogs and newts, i was looking for a new reptile and wondering which would be a good choice i was looking at anything from a turtle to a snake maby even chameleon. any suggestions, thanks
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    I'm thinking about getting a kingsnake, Does anybody have a favorite subspieces?
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    Small Kingsnakes

    Thanks for the help
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    Small Kingsnakes

    I am interested in getting a king snake but i don't want one of the spieces that gets really big, what's the smallest type of kingsnake availble?
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    Has anybody kept Banded Watersnakes?
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    Thanks for the help
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    Thanks for the help Is their any way to have a snake that eat mice and not have to keep the mice in the frezzer
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    So are those pretty much the only kinds that don't eat mice?
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    Thanks for help
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    Thanks alot, for the help Just one more if you don't mind i have read some conflicting info on Garter snakes , some info says they need mice some says the don't, Could you clarify? Thanks Again
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    Were they good snakes to keep? Also can you buy single frozen mice so you don't have to keep them in the freezer?
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    I heard rough green snakes or ribbon snakes don't eat mice ribbons eat mostly fish and green snakes eat crickets, are their any other spieces like them?
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    Snakes that don't eat mice

    Are their any snakes availible that don't eat mice if so which ones? are their any alternitives to feeding mice to snakes? Thanks
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    h. grandis

    Do you have to feed h grandis pinkies?
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    How long on fruit flies?

    How long do you feed Chinese Mantis fruit flies?
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    Selective Breeding?

    i have five baby chinese mantis im going to try breeding the larger female and male to see if i get a result
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    Selective Breeding?

    Their is a lot of talk about crossbreeding but what about Selective breeding, like by breeding the larger nymphs of say a a chinese Mantis could this increase the size of their off spring over time, if so by how much and how long till you see a difference?
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    Chinese Nypmphs Safe from death?

    How old until i dont have to worry about random death from the nymphs that hatch out? (Chinese Mantis)
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    Second Day Feeding?

    Why do wait till the second day to feed Chinese Mantis Nymphs?
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    Hatch ready?

    How do you tell when an ooth near hatching ? (Chinese mantis)