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  1. K

    What's new?

    Thanks for the update and explanation! This is one of the limbata I found out in the yard last August
  2. K

    Unexpected ooth hatches?

    I had one hatch in the house that I wild collected in the fall. I guess I wasn't expecting it to hatch out relatively soon. I don't recall why I left it out.  Was collecting S. limbata for a few days. The other surprise were some T. sinensis I had out in our atrium. Started hatching while I was...
  3. K

    Post photos here for the 2018 calendar

    S. limbata: H. coronatus:
  4. K

    Forum Downtime (in case you're wondering)

    Funny. It always goes down when it's time for me to check in! Just my luck. :)
  5. K

    lost forum

    Glad you're back up and running!
  6. K

    TV Shows

    Dexter, TrueBlood, Hawaii 5-0, Top Gear, Two and a Half Men (Charlie Sheen only), Friends, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Closer, Medium, Blue Bloods, Law and Order, Southpark, Top Shot, Hung, Ringer. Want to start Game of Thrones...
  7. K

    Top 5 bands?

    Naming just 5 is tough. But to me the 'top 5' are classics, even if I don't listen to them all the time. 1. Heart 2. Def Leppard 3. White Zombie 4. The Offspring 5. Metallica Some bands just aren't around long enough to go on my top list, and others would easily make a longer list: 30...
  8. K

    Need Camera lens advice!

    I think that's a much better solution than what I suggested above. Congrats on getting the 10D...still one of my favorite cameras! Enough so, that I modified an 18-55IS to fit the pre-EF-S mount!
  9. K

    Longest lived mantid?

    My current oldest is 19 months old now...still alive...and been an adult since just before christmas last year. She's a D. desiccata.
  10. K

    Of all the species, what is your favorite?

    Recovering addict here... Ghosts and S. limbata are my favorites.
  11. K

    Need Camera lens advice!

    Any lenses can be used for macro...if you also get some close-up lenses that mount on the front filter ring. Or use reversing rings with two lenses. What lens do you currently have? What is your budget? Personally, I find it easier to recommend one of the sigma macros like the 50/2.8 or...
  12. K

    Laemia, I received word, a member here.

    So sorry to hear...
  13. K

    The Nerve of Some People!

    Wow. 'Low-quality customer' haha.
  14. K

    Amanda Knox Released!

    LA Times Finally! Never thought she would be held this long...
  15. K

    Is this an S. Floridensis?

    I think narrow-wing is correct. We have those in Hawaii too. Rick's Thread
  16. K

    And Bam it all looks more modern

    I thought I was doing something differently... lol
  17. K

    What do Mantid Forum members drive?

    Added an Edge Sport to the fleet over the weekend...
  18. K

    What do Mantid Forum members drive?

    Nice friend has a modified bug-eye WRX. Do you autocross?
  19. K

    Harvester queen ants

    ...well I'm jealous of all the ant colony keepers! I haven't kept a colony since college :( That last one was in a jar set in a deep dish of water used as a security moat and drinking water supply. I'd like to see pics from everyone!
  20. K

    My dad has finally passed on

    I'm very sorry to hear that Paul. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.