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    Plants in enclosure

    I've seen a few where you take a small potato or sweet potato (I'd go with sweet potato as the vines will go every which way rather than just up, and regular potatoes can have poisonous fruit/flowers). Basically, the old potatoes on the counter that start to sprout? Those are great, you just...
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    Glass Jar Okay?

    So there's this famous TikToker, she's British and owns several mantids (orchids, ghost, spiny flower). Some people dislike her because she's inspiring young girls to purchase orchid mantises without any prior research, so much so that her breeder temporarily stopped selling mantises. Others...
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    Legality of Exotic Mantises in California?

    I was looking on Bugs In Cyberspace and I'm waiting for the Ghost Mantis to be in stock. However, there seems to be quite a gray area regarding the legality of owning an exotic mantis, specifically those from Africa, such as the Ghost Mantis. Is it legal for me to own a Ghost Mantis in...