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    How would I care for these small wild crickets as feeders

    quick update: so I've done some research and ive found the species. its allonemobius fasciatus, a type of robust ground cricket. they have a pretty wide range, stretching all the way to Canada and down into texas. their relatives mostly live in the great plains. because they live on the ground...
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    How would I care for these small wild crickets as feeders

    unfortunately theres no reptile specific stores around where I live so the only way I could get pinhead crickets is offline, which is a little expensive and they would likely grow up before the mantises could eat a lot of them since I usually have 3 mantises at most. 
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    How would I care for these small wild crickets as feeders

    thanks for the link! there is plenty more than the ones in the photo. im going to try and raise these, it will be interesting to see if it is possible to start a colony. even the small crickets in a pet store are a lot of times still too big for an L3 or L4 mantis, but these are the perfect size...
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    How would I care for these small wild crickets as feeders

    So I noticed one day that if I walked through the grass these really tiny crickets would hop out. The smallest ones were as small as fruit flys and none of them are any bigger than a small moth. These could be a good fruit fly replacement and I was wondering if anyone would know their species or...
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    First Adult

    Congratulations on your first adult! If she’s a he, prepare for alot of flying. The creo male I had was a great flyer. I’m not sure if this is the case, but I’ve seen a couple members on here who have had midget mantises who skip a molt or 2 and become tiny versions of regular adults. If your...
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    In your opinion what is the strangest/most stunning species of mantis you know of?

    For me it would be metallyticus but I’m curious as to what all of you think is the most stunning but little known mantis.
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    What are some interesting observations/behaviors you've come to learn about your pet mantids?

    They can tell the difference between types of insects. I had a male orchid who would attack any moth no matter the size. Even if they were over 2X larger than them but as soon as I found a tiny wasp which would surely be no challenge to him, he senses what it is and doesn’t even dare grab it. I...
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    You know your a mantis person when...

    You find yourself correcting people who pronounce the word praying mantis wrong. pronuonciantions I have heard include: pray mantis, prying mantis, and manti.
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    You know your a mantis person when...

    Your the only person in your class not terrified at the sight of a little stink bug 
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    My 4 orchids have arrived!!!

    I can't see the photos if you posted any
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    Eremiaphila Feeding Video

    Thanks for answering @Connor and @Aristalochia, crazy what you miss if you go inactive for a bit
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    Eremiaphila Feeding Video

    Where did you get those eremiaphila? I didn't think they were in culture. Also they do have really cute faces. Does yours chase food? How fast does it run?
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    Final Molt

    Congrats! You should post a picture of her, a golden mantis sounds interesting
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    gongylus gongylodes

    Green little guy isn't he
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    hcarlton's Mantid Photos

    Wow they are very pink for how small they are. I thought when they were that little they were all exactly the same :huh:
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    dragon tamer/s.bacetti

    kung fu panda had it all wrong, mantis was the dragon warrior the entire time.
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    Red ghost?

    They are really cool looking. Same color as red bricks
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    My creation: Orchid the cookie

    I never knew you could eat orchids, what do they taste like? both the cookies and orchids
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    P. paradoxa vs P. illudens

    I actually did see videos of p. Illudens on YouTube and their head crests are much longer and not as patterned as paradoxa. The leaf decorations on the body and legs are also smoother than paradoxa too. They might also be slightly bigger than paradoxa but other than that they are the same
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    hcarlton's Mantid Photos

    That's pretty cool that he has pink on him even as an adult, do you think the color is gonna stay?