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    Anyone familiar with US Invertebrate LLC??

    Just wondering about feedback as am thinking of purchasing from them. Thank you!
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    Rainbow mealworms

    Have been buying from Rainbow Mealworms for several years. They are the greatest! Best quality feeders, really wonderful people work there. Highly recommended!!
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    Damon diadema bit me!

    Thank you for your relies. She seems lively today. I spray the glass near her daily. Besides crickets, what might she enjoy (besides my finger)? I replaced the top layer of her cage with moist cocoearth. We had a damon medius who never bit and was friendly, and have a tinyphrinus who sits on...
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    Damon diadema bit me!

    Our five year old female was on the ground instead of on her cork bark, where she normally hangs out. Was worried about her so picked her up. She bit me, drawing enough blood that i had to get a napkin to stop it! Didnt mean to scare her. Hope she is ok. She is about 5 1/2 yrs old. She eats...
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    Wanted florida whipspider

    We just sadly lost our female, Toots, who we have had for five years, who was an adult when we got her. We are desperately seeking a new phrynus. Toots was very friendly and adorable. We live on the central coast of California. 
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    Only orb weaver now very unusual

    Last night, another orb weaver appeared and seemed to be looking for Red. He (presumably) made a web right next to hers. He is smaller and brown. Sadly Red did not reappear. Do spiders locate one another by pheromones? 
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    Only orb weaver now very unusual

    Until two days ago, Red seemed fine but disappeared two nights ago fromher hiding place. She had stopped remaking her web. Am so afraid she has died. Hope not. It is like losing a dear friend. 
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    Bee pollen for orb weavers?

    Was reading that web spiders consume bee pollen as a portion of their diet. Does anyone feed their spiders bee pollen?
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    What to put in web for orb weaver?

    Have been putting bugs in her web for a few days...moths and crickets.  She looks healthy and pleased.  Also just returned a little orange weaver to the trash can. I didnt want her to be crushed by trash pickup so twice i have i kidnapped her overnight and returned her the next night. She...
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    What to put in web for orb weaver?

    Red, who made an egg but who keeps making small webs each night, seems hungry. Nothing is ending up in her web. I tried tossing 2 week and 3 week crickets into her web but they wouldnt stick. Cant find any flying bugs for her. Any suggestions? Thank you.—still traumatized by Charlottes Web
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    Only orb weaver now very unusual

    Red made a smaller but lovely web and is still here, next night! Woo hoo! How long can orb weavees live after making an egg? 
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    Only orb weaver now very unusual

    Just noticed that Red showed up, looking thin. Told her goodbye and that i would miss her.
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    Only orb weaver now very unusual

    😢Red has disappeared. Sob.  Think i can see an orange egg near her web but havent seen her for 48 hrs.  They just dont live long enough. 
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    Velvet orb weaver

    Cool! I am sad because we have few to almost no orb weavers this year.
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    Only orb weaver now very unusual

    Every dayand night, i check out our spiders outside. Only orb weaver i have seen for a month is Red. Am attaching her photo. Why are there so few orb weavers? Climate change? We live in CA and it has been extra hot. 90-115 F.
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    Steatodas threatening amblypigids and tree frogs

    Toots is hanging in there. But i took another steatoda off her coconut shell last night. 
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    Steatodas threatening amblypigids and tree frogs

    Was afraid we were going to lose Toots, our florida phrynus. Finally after 48 hrs and removing the steatodas she is looking ok again.
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    Steatodas threatening amblypigids and tree frogs

    Am frustrated by steatodas everywhere. Tiny ones get into screen topped tanks and menace my frogs and other critters including our phrynus. I check their hides twice daily but removed three baby steatodas from the phrynus’ cork hides yesterday! She seems to despise them and seems scared of them...
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    WTB phrynus young adult

    Our beloved phrynus (florida whipspider) is getting fragile and showing her age. She is five years old. We would love to find another phrynus if she passes because we think they are lovable, fantastic pets. 
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    Phrynus barbadensis babies

    We have a phrynus. The babies are darling!!