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  1. Laura wilson

    Attracting wild males for breeding?

    Never heard of them either
  2. Laura wilson


    Been wanting to breed these little guys. I like to draw and go to the library.
  3. Laura wilson

    You know you like mantids when......

    You become emotionally attached to them so much in fact that life feels empty when they die
  4. Laura wilson


    thank you
  5. Laura wilson

    Dealing With The Death Of A Mantis

    Yes I cried when I lost mine. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  6. Laura wilson

    Mantis Handling and Taming!

    That's a good word for it. Thank you.
  7. Laura wilson

    Sub or pre sub?

    I don't know but I'm curious too
  8. Laura wilson

    Mantis Shenanigans

    Sometimes mine like to go in my hair or on my face
  9. Laura wilson

    Weird things Mantids do....

    Mine always think their shadows are another mantis
  10. Laura wilson

    What's your favorite thing about mantises?

    When they get use to me I let them climb on my computer and they will sit at the top watching videos and keep me company.
  11. Laura wilson


    I'm new here