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    Let see your setups!

    The problem for me is that my room temp is usually 67-69 and I use a space heater just to bring it up a degree or two but it complete dries up the humidity to around 40%. Do you think that is too cold? I currently have T. sinensis and have P. paradoxa on the way. I would love to not have to...
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    Bulk Ghost mantis nymphs

    I am interested. Sending you a message.
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    Let see your setups!

    This is goals! Looks great. What about temperature do you keep everything at room temp? Heat the room?
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    Hello from Georgia!

    Thank you!
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    Hello from Georgia!

    Hi Everyone! I am happy to find this forum! I am a newbie to the hobby of mantis keeping. They’ve always interested me but I got in deep recently when I found and hatched a T. sinensis ootheca. I have a bunch of 10 day old babies and they’re happily eating fruit flies. I’ve got some separated...