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  1. Connor

    LF several males

    In need of adult males/presub for breeding -pseudoacanthops L. -p. Walbergii -Helvia Cardinalis -Bransikia Freyi Located in USA
  2. Connor

    Hello from AZ

    Hey there ;) . Not sure about others in your state...  but I do know that Yen Saw is somewhere down there nearby. Welcome to the forum!
  3. Connor

    No Email Notifications

    I have gotten emails for my PMs
  4. Connor

    Mental Health Questions/Quality of Life Issues

    They are insects, their only “worries” are to eat and survive, which you are providing. I’m sure they are doing well. If you are worried, I would just give them flies to hunt
  5. Connor

    Ceratomantis adult female and ooth available

    I have a fresh Ceratomantis adult female. Also a fresh fertile Ceratomantis ooth, along with some other ooths, but uncommon species with limited amounts, so I will probably be running out quick PM with serious inquires OH/USA
  6. Connor

    Clearing out some of my mantis stock

    1x parablepharis presub male 1x fertile Ephestiasula adult female  1x Ephestiasula ooth 1x fertile Hestiasula adult female 3x subadult D. Lobata and possibly some other misc things PM if interested  interested in trading for anything gecko USA
  7. Connor

    Few things FS

    1x fresh Ephestiasula ooth 1x presub/sub trio of B.Mendica(thistles) 3x presub D. Lobata OH, USA
  8. Connor

    Grizzled mantis

    They will hatch without a diapause, that’s what I did, but I’ve heard about people giving them diapauses to be healthier
  9. Connor

    Grizzled mantis

    They were very hard for me at L1... suffered a lot of losses. But from there on they are a lot easier... idk about easy, but easier. Breeding is the easiest part, they are communal. The ooths take around 2 months to hatch and will hatch a decent amount 20-40. They are in Florida and are found on...
  10. Connor

    8 Nymphs die during first Molt

    It might sound a little weird but pantyhose material works perfect! Keeps the smallest ffs in along with the humidity while still giving good ventilation 
  11. Connor

    Ephestiasula P. Adult female FS

    Hey I’ve got an extra female Ephestiasula P. 3 weeks into adulthood. She unfortunately did not dry her wings quite right but she is very much breedable and still gorgeous. I just didn’t have another male for her.  PM if interested  Located in OH
  12. Connor

    Hestiasula Major male needed/Female FS

    Anyone have an adult male Hestiasula Major? My last male passed away from old age before I was able to mate my last 2 females Or if anyone would like to purchase/trade, I have 2 adult female hestiasula Major.. both 2 weeks into adulthood. located in OH
  13. Connor

    Welcome to the Jungle

    @hcarlton. I’d love to actually!!! Just not sure if I have the conditions to keep plants really... I have no greenhouse or anything
  14. Connor

    What are your mantids getting for Christmas?

    Some action ;)  haha just very ironic that a lot of my species are maturing just in time for Christmas XD
  15. Connor

    Agro Mantis?

    He probably was just trying to get to higher ground 😉
  16. Connor

    Welcome to the Jungle

    Holy man. These look like they come straight from avatar or some other fantasy! Wow! I neeeed to get into this hobby!! How do you feed these guys?
  17. Connor

    How to care for panther mantis.

    @Little Mantis like once every 3 days to even just once a week. I kept them in deli cups
  18. Connor

    How to care for panther mantis.

    Kept mine at room temp and kept them pretty dry..
  19. Connor

    2019 Calendar?

    @twolfe usually handles the calendar I think
  20. Connor

    Cole's Mantids

    Thistles normally never get their green until adulthood and sometimes unfortunately never get them. I believe it depends on the genes they carry and also what species of thistle they are. Not many people know but there are two different species of thistles going around, the problem is they look...