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    First Ooth

    UPDATE!!! I had given up and figured I'd try again next year. I mostly left the ooth alone, assuming it was dead. Just last night I looked at it, wondering if I should just hang it out in the garden and forget about it. Then, this morning, I happened to glance at it. OMG!!! TONS OF MANTIS...
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    First Ooth

    Still no sign of nymphs... :( I'm starting to wonder if the ooth is infertile...
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    Incubating Ooth live stream

    Is that just artifacts or is something on the stick moving? O_O?
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    I've Heard of a Frisky Dog, But This is Ridiculous...

    AGHHHH! :x I did not need that image... Well, at least you know he'll at least try to breed... ^^; I had one who could've cared less about the female (yes, they were both adults, well-fed, and I tried a few weeks after their last molt). All he did was eat crickets and stay out of her way. XD
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    Incubating Ooth live stream

    I'd love to see more people do this with their mantids and ooths. :D I would, but I don't have a webcam... :(
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    Incubating Ooth live stream

    Awesome! Mantis-cam! *watching* Somebody just moved the light around... XD Seriously, though, I wonder if you'll capture any unusual behavior with this. I mean, isn't this the perfect chance to get some footage without humans being around and influencing behaviour? :) Great idea, Jacksun! :D
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    My Pupper

    ROTFL! That's great!!! XD
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    Not the best solution, but good for emergencies. The Cultures at my nearby Petco are large and filled with live fffs. I'm planning on using them to make a new culture.
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    Color Changing/Adapting Mantids?

    This is awesome! Has anyone actually experimented to see if they could influence a color shift? Was anyone successful?
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    worried about my praying mantises

    Katnapper is right about holding it to your mantids' mouths. If you hold the food steady to their mouths, they should start chewing out of instinct, if nothing else. If they ARE hungry, they'll most often grab it after learning that it's edible. I had to do this the first time I fed my first...
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    What's the best set-up for Chinese Mantids?

    Thanks guys! This has really helped me out! :D
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    Color Changing/Adapting Mantids?

    That's so cool! I wonder how they do it... Thanks for the responses guys! :D
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    Live or Dead Prey?

    I prefer live food for my own mantids, personally. It seems, at least to me, to be alot less risky bacteria-wise.
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    What's the best set-up for Chinese Mantids?

    I was aware of the cannibalism issue, but I have the space for more than one terrarium/vivarium/enclosure. What I'm really wondering about too, is the type of enclosure I should use if I'd like them to have more space than average. Butterfly cage, plastic container, or adapted aquarium? Or...
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    Color Changing/Adapting Mantids?

    I was reading another post when the topic of inducing color adaption came up. How do you do this, and what species most often adapt? Does anyone have examples? Does anyone know how it happens? Sorry, just curious. :)
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    What's the best set-up for Chinese Mantids?

    As you probably already know, I'm getting ready to raise some Chinese mantids. A species I have close to no experience with. It's typically dry around here, so moisture might be an issue. Does anyone have an ideal T. sinensis setup they could share the plans for? Would I need a heat lamp? A...
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    As much as I hate to lose any mantid, that's almost a relief.
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    O_O Hundreds...? Is there anyway to guess the number by the size of the Ooth?
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    Found a few egg cases and new to this

    If you post a picture of the ooth, we might be able to identify it for you. You could then get some species-specific advice. I think there's an ooth I.D. page too somewhere... One sec... Here's the link: And, Welcome to the...
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    Pics of my little Killers from Mantiskeeper59

    Wow! Thor is huge! Is she an adult yet? (Maybe Thorissa would work better? XD )