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  1. Krissim Klaw

    Well shoot….

    Sorry for your loss. You might want to look into a temperature sensor alarm. I have a relative that does a lot of traveling with their dogs and they have one set up in their vehicle just in case the air ever kicks off and temps start to rise when they aren't there.
  2. Krissim Klaw


    Ordered some nymphs and not only did they arrive safely and well packaged, but Happy doubled my order. Would definitely recommend!
  3. Krissim Klaw

    LF: Stagmomantis limbata ootheca/nymphs

    Looking For: Stagmomantis limbata ootheca or nymphs. Feel free to message me if you are selling or know anyone who is.
  4. Krissim Klaw

    Let see your setups!

    Most of the time I just use tongs/tweezers or hold a little cup up with food in it for them to snag out of. If I got a shyer eater though, then I will pop them into a smaller cage. Usually I rotate my adult females in this tank, so they tend to be greedy enough to take whatever you offer them...
  5. Krissim Klaw

    Let see your setups!

    Hahaha, I enjoy decorating for the each holiday, but the Halloween and Christmas stuff tends to hang around year round. The mantis is an adult, male Stagmomantis limbata
  6. Krissim Klaw

    Weird things Mantids do....

    Once, one of my mantises was hanging close to the ground, and when it pooped, it thought the turd was a bug and snatched it up. The mantis took a bite or two and dropped the turd in disgust, only to once again think the dot falling before their face was a new bug and it repeated the process. :poop:
  7. Krissim Klaw

    Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

    If you caught them from the wild as adults, are you sure they aren't passing from old age? I would agree though that mealworms don't make for a good main food choice.
  8. Krissim Klaw

    Let see your setups!

    Mine is less a setup and more a spoiled mantis cage. Of course given all the room and stuff, you can see where my mantis prefers to hang out. :stuart:
  9. Krissim Klaw

    Amazing mantid survival

    I've heard of other people using the fridge method when they needed to still inverts for something hands on like that.
  10. Krissim Klaw

    Mantis Handling and Taming!

    Tame is likely a poor choice of a word, but mantises absolutely have the capacity to learn that something does not need to be viewed as a threat. Desensitizing them is the word I tend to use.
  11. Krissim Klaw

    What’s wrong?!!

    If you think it might be a molt I would tap the back toes to something and hang her vertically. Make sure the place she is hanging has some humidity. Might also want to add a little extra heat to see if you can stimulate things.
  12. Krissim Klaw

    Chinese mantis nymphs dying

    Usually if nymphs drop outside of a shedding, it is a sign that their conditions are too stagnant/humid. At the same time, this is a species that really likes to drink so if you are misting only 2x a week they may not be getting the water they need. Personally, for this species, I find communal...
  13. Krissim Klaw

    Wondering if my idea to make a glass enclosure empusid-friendly would work

    I have the largest exo terra tank, and I used a dark brown shelf liner for the back (since it makes for a nice backdrop) For the sides, I hung two plate mats per a side that are made out of some type of dried, woven, plant material. I hung all of my stuff with magnets, which makes it super easy...
  14. Krissim Klaw

    Possible abdominal collapse on my spiny flower

    She has prolapsed. Basically the inside cylinder that lines her abdomen is squished out of her rear. I've only had this happen once with one of my boys. As he was still able to defecate, he actually went on to live a fairly normal life.
  15. Krissim Klaw

    Mantis Keeps Dying

    Did they eat anything while in your care? Nymphs typically only refuse food right before a shedding, making me question if they were sick prior to you getting them. A photo of your enclosure would also help.
  16. Krissim Klaw

    Ghost Mantis Genetics Experiment

    I might broaden the scope some. Instead of solely focusing on if it appears genetics are the main cause, I would also test factors like temperature, humidity, lighting, and the colors used in the cages to see which of the following has the largest impact on what color a nymph ends up as an adult.
  17. Krissim Klaw


    I bought a Stagmomantis limbata ootheca off of Divipha a couple months back. Divipha was polite, quick to respond, and easy to deal with. They also kept meticulous notes on when the pair was bred and the date the ootheca was laid. In the last two weeks, the ooth hatched out a bunch of robust...
  18. Krissim Klaw

    Going nuts trying to create a safe environment for p. walhbergii

    Do not add heat. Adding heat to a high humidity deli cup with little ventilation is asking for trouble. You are far more likely to make things worse. High humidity tends to be a problem most when there is a lack of airflow as this allows the stagnant environment where mold can easily flourish I...
  19. Krissim Klaw

    Saved an iris oratoria with aloe

    Mantids can be surprisingly resilient. I had one old lady mantis suffer a major rupture to her abdomen. When I found her, she had nearly bled out. She was shaky and barely able to move. I quickly offered water to replenish the fluids she had lost. Simply drinking vastly improved her functions...
  20. Krissim Klaw

    Husband has passed away.

    May he find peace now that he is free from the illness that took him. My prayers go out to you and your family. If only technology had advanced to the point that there was a way to send an emoticon that did a real life hug justice.