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  1. stacywhite75


    I currently have baby black regal jumping spiders available for sale. $20+ shipping *includes free fruit flies + temporary habitat. Serious inquiries from responsible folks only please call/ text Stacy 312.618.0501
  2. stacywhite75

    Pill millipedes

    Underground Reptiles has some for sale.
  3. stacywhite75

    eggs exposed by feeders!

    I wouldn't use anything especially something that has chemicals in it. I would think the chemicals would poison and burn up the eggs. Just let that part dry out and hopefully it will heal itself.
  4. stacywhite75

    ** Free Baby Madagascar/Halloween Hissers & Dubias To Good Home** NOT AS FEEDERS!**

    Friendly and raised as pets so please do not inquire If your intentions are to use them as feeders.
  5. stacywhite75


    Yes. I did see that early in my search. I want to see if I have any luck finding cheaper first.
  6. stacywhite75


    Hi All! Hope all is well. I was wondering if anyone out there has a giant African black millipede available for sale? I'm slowly but surely building up my milli centi and isopodi collection. Thanks Have a great day! 🐛
  7. stacywhite75

    Does Anyone Have Access To Bramble?

    Thank you. I actually just got done emailing him asking about his selection and pricing. All of my stick insects have died. of course just as I finally found a pesticide free 4 ft long edible thornless blackberry Bramble Vine on Etsy which is being delivered tomorrow which I spent $80 on all for...
  8. stacywhite75

    Does Anyone Have Access To Bramble?

    There are no fresh oak tree leaves right now. All the leaves have fallen. I'm in Chicago. I don't know if those ebay plants are pesticide free. but thank you for trying. Two have died. only one left trying to get her to eat organic romaine. 
  9. stacywhite75

    Does Anyone Have Access To Bramble?

    I have been. I was up until 6am on Etsy eBay and the like. I can't find anything appropriate or that I'll receive anytime soon.
  10. stacywhite75

    Does Anyone Have Access To Bramble?

    ,Yes! That is exactly what I need blackberry brambles like the leaves and the stems. Oh my god I thought this message was sent out last week and I've lost 2 already. 😞 Please grab a ton if edible looking and send next day I will compensate generously. Communicate via text or call please...
  11. stacywhite75

    Does Anyone Have Access To Bramble?

    Thanks for the info but I need it yesterday. I don't have time to propagate. They have like five leaves left between the three of them. Right now I'm researching the internet into other food sources and where I can buy them today and what I can do as a substitute until I get the actual brambles...
  12. stacywhite75

    Does Anyone Have Access To Bramble?

    I am down to my last few branches. I feed Bramble to my giant prickly and green bean stick insects. I live in Chicago and do not have them available in winter time. This is my first time owning them and I thought I stocked up on enough food for them over winter but these guys just don't stop...
  13. stacywhite75

    Ughhhh I HATE it when their toes start breaking off...

    I don't know about you guys but I get so depressed and sad when these guys are in their last couple weeks of life. For the past 5 years I've been raising mantises I deal with at least a death every couple weeks. It never gets any easier. I'm pretty much bawling right now as I'm writing this...
  14. stacywhite75

    Devil's Flower Mantis (Idolomantis diabolica)

    I can personally concur with the difficulty of the species. I actually have one who has successfully become an adult. Hallelujah! It took four years of raising and owning about 100 different species before I felt comfortable enough to take this one on. But I was on the edge of my seat the entire...
  15. stacywhite75

    Some of my beauties over the years...😍

  16. stacywhite75

    TNTs Mantids

    Transaction was stress-free and very pleasant. I ordered a couple of stick insects and I was very happy and surprised when there was an extra green bean. 🙂TNT MANTIDs was very attentive and obliging with my order and I will definitely be ordering from again. I highly recommend. 😁
  17. stacywhite75

    Rip Venus my female Ghost mantis

    Awww so sorry. I know how tough it is when one of these guys dies. Wow! 15 months is a very long time. What are you going to do with the babies. I'd be interested in one. 🤗
  18. stacywhite75


    Hi All!😁 Just wondering if anyone here in the forum is from Chicago or Chicagoland area? I'm in Rogers Park and would love to meet new people/ make new friends who have this mantis thing in common. I was even considering starting a MeetUp group for mantis lovers. 
  19. stacywhite75


    Does anyone have an adult male panther mantis I could borrow for my OOTHBOUND Tronte? Tried several methods but to no success. I would be greatly appreciative.  Thank you so much