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  1. MrGhostMantis

    Hello from Portland,OR 🐛

  2. MrGhostMantis

    Help! Leg gone all wonky

    He’s fine. Leave it.
  3. MrGhostMantis

    H. davidbowie FS

    FS - i2 Heteropoda davidbowie - $27 Gotta get them all out, buy 3 for $62, 10 for $250. Preferably sending them out in bulk. MF H. davidbowie (the mother) - $130 $14 overnight FedEx shipping to people in California, heat packs on request. These are on melenogaster fruit flies.
  4. MrGhostMantis

    About to buy a dozen orchid nymphs. What equipment do I need for them?

    To add on, I have a ton of Elmantis right now and they take fruit flies just fine, so that excuse doesn’t help you here.
  5. MrGhostMantis

    About to buy a dozen orchid nymphs. What equipment do I need for them?

    If your ghosts were anywhere past L4 this is why they died! You can’t feed a mantis fruit flies all their life!
  6. MrGhostMantis

    She won't hold still haha

    Slow movement, they do calm down over time. I have a few WC females who were very timid when I got them and are super chill now.
  7. MrGhostMantis

    Two 2 old photographs of an adult female of Phasmomantis sumichrasti.

    Those are wings, I would say too big to be buds.
  8. MrGhostMantis

    mantisloverguy6000 (agent A, US)

    Took Alex up on some free roaches with shipping free of charge. All roaches arrived in great condition, no DOAs, and 10 random extra Polyspilota nymphs! 10/10 transactions would gladly buy from in the future.
  9. MrGhostMantis

    pathogenic reproduction of cilnia humeralis

    Interesting… I’ve heard of this in a few random species, usually they don’t live long but give it a shot and try to raise it. I’m curious if it makes it to adult if it will be parthenogenic as well.
  10. MrGhostMantis

    Hello from Michigan🖐

    Welcome! A great starter mantis is a P. paradoxa, currently MantidKingdom has them.
  11. MrGhostMantis

    abdomen bloat

    Way too much feeding. Lay off the food until she is thin. 2 days is not enough.
  12. MrGhostMantis

    Budwing Nymph Instar..?

    They look L4.
  13. MrGhostMantis

    Frustrated, my poor double shield L6 is dying

    All species shouldn’t have them. They carry bacteria and disease, doesn’t matter where they are from. If they are housed with other crickets they will have bacteria.
  14. MrGhostMantis

    Mantis ID in Savannah GA - Mantis walking on Spiderweb!

    Not that I have heard of. Forgot that species existed for a minute there 😅 It would be possible for it to have eaten the spider and have been just walking around there if the web was covered in dust so it didn’t get stuck. They are certainly light enough to not get stuck to a slight sticky part...
  15. MrGhostMantis

    Hello from Pennsylvania!

  16. MrGhostMantis

    Mystymantis mantises

    If only mine did that :(
  17. MrGhostMantis

    Mystymantis mantises

    Or they actually eat!
  18. MrGhostMantis

    Mystymantis mantises

    They hatched the same day as yours!
  19. MrGhostMantis

    ISO Mature Female S. californica.

    I have a few adult males, let me know if we can arrange a breeding loan.