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    [WTB] L3/L4 Green Sphodro or Hierodula Mantis

    Please PM me if you have any to spare that are in great shape. Preferably a breeder on the west coast. Thanks!
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    Orchid is turning pink!

    In my experience, bright light and higher humidity has caused my orchids to fluctuate in color, even between molts. It seems I can alter my female's "pink" intensity by adjusting these two factors. Regardless of how pink a male becomes, when he turns into an adult, they seem to turn to a...
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    More photos! changed the design and female sphodromantis molted to adult.
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    [VIDEO] Budwing mantis vs. Cricket

    Nice video! Great commentary I must say.
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    FS: Adult Male Orchid Mantis

    I have an adult male orchid mantis for sale. The male molted to adult on August 4, 2015. Should be ready to breed in a week and a half. Here are some shots inside the cup. I have an L6 female orchid that I think will molt to L7 in a week or so, so ideally I'd like to receive a male in...
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    Orchid Turned Skittish! Could Use Your Opinion

    I got them at L3 too. Didn't take them long to molt to L4, probably a few days, but I think I got them at the tail end of their L3 instar. From L4 to L5 was about 2 weeks. I was feeding my female as much as possible, but kept my male on a slim diet. However, they both molted to L5 about the...
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    Thanks CosbyArt. I thought the bright light would blend those colors together, but that orchid mantis aint fooling anybody. More photos to share just cause its friday...Forgive the blurrieness from the Iphone. And here is my Sphodro lineola. It was sold to me as a baccetti but given the...
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    Quick update. Had a heating pad underneath the tank, which I think pressured my orchid to drop its flowers. I also think taking the plant out of the plastic pot kept the roots too moist. I replaced it with a more appropriately colored orchid which will hopefully survive better and longer in the...
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    Orchid Turned Skittish! Could Use Your Opinion

    Mantis molted! Now L6. pictures to come soon.
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    Exo Terra Nano Setup

    I would highly recommend setting a vivarium. If you had the time and resources, I think its a great way to enjoy seeing your mantis in a more natural habitat. You can see the one I set up below for my orchid mantis, which isn't in there when I took this shot but will be in there soon. It's...
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    Orchid Turned Skittish! Could Use Your Opinion

    Thanks for the responses. I spent a good day with her today handling and feeding her honey. She was still a little on the edge but soon warmed up. Made her do little jumps between my hands. Really appreciate the encouragement to quell my paranoia!!!
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    Orchid Turned Skittish! Could Use Your Opinion

    Hi all, was wondering if I could get some opinions on what's going on with my female orchid. I originally got her as an L3, and mainly kept her in styrofoam cup midway through most of L4. She mostly ignored me when I looked at her inside the cup and remained calm. I then moved her into a...
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    I was afraid the enclosure was too small for my L4 female to hunt, but was glad that she stayed on the flowers and was able to catch flies. Not to endorse Apple, but for a phone camera, I think these are pretty decent. Orchid flowers are slowly starting to wilt now. I wonder whether it's the...
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    Thanks for appreciation CosbyArt! Who says you can't play a little hide and seek with your mantis? :tt2:
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    Thanks dmina! I did a lot of searching around town for that orchid, but found the best place to get ones that can fit in a exo terra nano is Trader Joes. Special ordered "petite" phals for only $5.99. Haha, the mantis could use a little more size to match up to that beautiful female you have in...
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    I wanted to share my nano vivarium! Thinking about adding a few plants/twigs , but I think it's virtually there! Of course the star of the vivarium moving into her 4th instar recently. And here she is tackling a green bottle fly!
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    Thanks so much for the photo. It helps me get a sense of scale and size. Decided I would stick with he nano and try to keep locking for mini phalaenopsis. Kind of tough given the cage is 12 inches high... Not sure if most spikes are shorter than that including the roots...:/
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    Exo-terra Nano Tall vs Mini Tall

    Hi everyone, I've been wanting to set up a vivarium for my orchid mantis with a live orchid and naturalistic feel to it. I like the exo-terra terrariums, but stuck between using a nano tall or mini tall, mainly because it's incredibly hard to find orchids small enough to fit inside a nano tall...
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    Aggressive Mantis Attack

    Wow...Check out this mantis attack!
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    My First Mantid Death, HELP

    Seems like it could be a humidity issue since it looks pretty stuck since the beginning (the head is still attached to the old exo). It is odd that the abdomen is out since most humidity issues dry out the mantis during the later stages of the molt which suggests that maybe some injury prevented...