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    I place a small pill bottle in a 32 oz deli cup and a funnel into the pill bottle. I cool off the flies and shake off a few into the funnel, then cap the pill bottle. Pretty much fool proof to shake a few cooled off flies from the pill bottle. Any escapees from the pill bottle wind up in the 32...
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    Mesh for enclosures

    You can possibly scrounge some screening from a local window repair shop. I got a whole door's worth of metal screening (for roaches) for free from a scrapped door that was being refurbished. Amazon has nice mesh in small rolls Small mesh screen.
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    Simandoa cave roach

    2 other places I know of (I've dealt with both and they are great):
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    humidifier for the bug room?

    Выделите текст, на который хотите ответить, и нажмите значок, который появится под ним. Другой способ — нажать значок в правом нижнем углу, и исходный пост будет включен. Надеюсь это поможет. Спасибо гугл переводчик!
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    Finally got a good ooth hatch!

    Congrats! If you ever want to swap for a regal jumping spider, let me know! My first one hatched an egg sac with about 30 spiderlings.
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    My Mantises

    2 Ghost mantises, 2 Twig mantises, a now deceased African Boxer, and a plug for USARK with my twig mantis setup.
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    What's new?

    I just got a couple of small (l2/l3) Twig mantises. Nothing fancy as far as setup, the usual 32 oz deli container until they outgrow it. I also have 2 ghost mantises and a boxer. Also got some jumping spiders, one of which already laid eggs. Trying to switch to roaches from flies with the larger...
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    Where to get Red Runner roaches

    Cape Cod Roaches seem to have some in stock: I haven't purchased from them though.