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    Anyone try feeding shedded exosketetons to mantises?

    Has anyone tried to feed back their mantises shedded exoskeleton? I would imagine it would add calcium, minerals back to their system fast.
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    How are the Deroplatys desiccata? Are they docile or aggressive?

    I purchased two of these guys at L2, I know I probably don't have much to worry about for now but when they get big is when I am concerned. I have not had any experience with them but sources say that they are docile. Can anyone share their experience?
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    How often to clean droppings/enlosure?

    Hey guys, I am new to mantises, got my first one 3 weeks ago at L2, hes still really small but he is getting there. Super cute little creature. My question is, how often should one clean out the enclosure. I've never heard of anyone mentioning this ever, I can see that the Mantis drops some...