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    nomenclature pet peeves?

    I have a hard time being bothered by other enthusiasts' not capitalizing/italicizing/etc. properly as for many years I was that person, ha ha. Of course, when a science writer for a newspaper does it... Thanks, Arthroverts P.S Biggest bother with nomenclature is, hands-down, auto-correct.
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    Why did no one tell me odontomantis can teleport?

    You didn't ask... ;) Thanks, Arthroverts
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    Roaches, Beetles, Spiders, and more

    Specimens are selling fast, will be retooling the list over the next few weeks. Roaches: 10x Blaberus peruvianus (Peruvian Cave Roach) medium nymphs@$30. 1 lot. SOLD 10x Blaberus discoidialis "Hobby" (Discoid Roach) small-medium nymphs @$15. 1 lot. 12x Blaberus cf. colosseus "Panama" (Colossal...
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    Tylobolus sp. Ripon

    City in Northern California, which is the locale for this particular species. Thanks, Arthroverts
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    Eublaberus and Platymeris

    50x Alphitobius diaperinus@$5. 10x small Blaberus discoidialis nymphs@$10 (one set remaining). 25x small Eublaberus serranus nymphs@$15. 25x small Eublaberus sp. "Ivory" nymphs@$15. 10x Platymeris biguttatus eggs@$10, 50 eggs for $40, 100 eggs for $75, 200 eggs for $100. Male/female pair of...
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    which country would u go to?

    Just one? C'est impossible! I've been to Kenya but would love to go back, I'd love to go to Tanzania (a lot of cool stuff), Cameroon (millipedes, tarantulas, mantids, etc.), Namibia (Pionothele and scorpions), South Africa (scorpions, millipedes, tarantulas, beetles, roaches, etc.)...
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    easy --> hardest

    Well, I don't think APHIS is directly responsible for the regulations, for the life of me I still can't find the exact statute/law that covers this, but most/all insects, diplopods, isopods, etc. were blanket banned back in 2006...maybe it was the Plant Protection Act that Congress passed...
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    easy --> hardest

    The reason that probably hundreds of people haven't been busted is that APHIS doesn't have the resources or the time to enforce the regulations. I hear stories of APHIS agents showing up at people's houses and finding stuff that is clearly illegal, but not confiscating anything, likely due...
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    Again, very late to the show, but whatever happened to these specimens@Hypoponera? Or does anyone else know? Thanks, Arthroverts
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    Spirostreptidae sp 6

    I am way late to the party but I must ask, @Hypoponera, if you are still around, whatever happened with these? Thanks, Arthroverts
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    easy --> hardest

    In reality all non-native/non-naturalized mantids are illegal to possess and sell without a proper PPQ526 permit (and likely approved containment facility) from the USDA/APHIS. They may be legal in your state or region but under federal regulations it is still illegal without one. Granted...
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    Arthroverts joins...

    Thank you, I wanted something clever and unusual. Thanks, Arthroverts
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    have you ever seen _____? unknown mantis appreciation thread

    Ay, Metallyticus splendidus is a fantastic species that, surprising or no, seems rather easy to keep, fairly communal, and prolific. I'd like to see someone breed M. violaceus long-term as well and get some side-by-side shots with splendidus for comparison. Thanks, Arthroverts
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    Arthroverts joins...

    Hello all, Arthroverts here (and anywhere else you see that name). I am an all-around invertebrate enthusiast and breeder, though mantids are a notable weak link in my knowledge and experience, and I hope to ameliorate this deficiency by hanging out here for a bit, ha ha. I am the...