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  1. Frack

    My experience collecting in Hong Kong and Malaysia

    Awsome pics! I really liked the ones of the roaches lol
  2. Frack

    My experience collecting in Hong Kong and Malaysia

    Have a great time! Im also cant wait to see all your pictures, Im sure theyll be great.
  3. Frack

    Hierodula patellifera ootheca for sale

    I cant sell anymore now cause Im moving.
  4. Frack

    Emperor Scorpions - good pets?

    Hi, Ive had a few emperor scorpions and the one thing I had problems with was giving them enough water so make sure they have a water dish and to keep up the humidity levels so they dont dry out, also they need it a bit warmer than room temperature and if there kept even in the low 70s for to...
  5. Frack


    HI, No this isnt the same mantisfly that Yen found but Im pretty sure its the same species since it was found in the same spot and yes this is Yens light but unfortunatly there was heavy winds while Yen was here and not much showed up until later on in the night after everyone was gone. I went...
  6. Frack


    Hi, I took some pics of a mantis fly that was hanging out at the light eating and since its such a cool unusual little bug I thought Id share them with yall.
  7. Frack


    Nice, I found one of these in my horses water trough, it was in the middle of winter and like 30-40 degrees outside when I found it. I kept it for a few days then let it go cause I couldnt get it to eat, later I read theyll eat fruitflys but I never tried them, what do you feed yours?
  8. Frack

    Happy Birthday Dinora!!!!

    Happy birthday!
  9. Frack

    Lobster roach feeding frenzy

    Cool video, How are your turkistan roaches doing? I hope you remembered to keep a lid on there cage. :P
  10. Frack


    Hi, I was just wondering if anyones ever been scamed by someone else in the classified section of this forum? Ive seen some adds that seem fishy on this and other forums, like P. metalicas for 40 bucks or something like that and while more experienced people can spot these fakes Im afraid that...
  11. Frack

    Litaneutria minor

    Very nice! I also want to see the adults now...I guess I have to make friends with google lol
  12. Frack

    Hello again!

    Welcome back, sorry to hear youve been ill. I think if your ooth was laid on feb. 16 it should have already hatched.
  13. Frack

    Keeping roaches and mantids together?

    Yes, they do...
  14. Frack

    Hierodula patellifera ootheca for sale

    Hi, I sold the first two but I have two more available now.
  15. Frack

    How I build my light trap

    The cup was to hold the light in place but it didnt work to well, it broke last time we used it so we had to hang the light. I was thinking that one of those clamps for lights like on some heat lamps would work to hold the light on top.
  16. Frack

    Keeping roaches and mantids together?

    Hi, so I bought some flying fruitflys and now there all over the place lol exspecialy my roach enclosures and I also had a bunch Hierodula patellifera babys born so I threw some in my hisser cage to eat the ff's. I put a few in there that where anywhere form 2 days to a week and a half old. A...
  17. Frack

    Grass Mantis; Thesprotia graminis (adult or subadult?)

    looks like a sub adult male to me.
  18. Frack

    How I build my light trap

    I was really surprised at how well this atracts bugs, Ive been using just my back porch light to catch bugs for a long time so I figured it would be about the same but you can tell a big difference in how well there atracted to the special types of bulbs. Its defenetly worth building one if you...
  19. Frack

    Light trap in Texas

    lol I like how theres a pic of my dog walking towards the pond then one of me exhausted after carrying her out. I cant wait to see the rest of the pics, we saw quite a few cool bugs that night.