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  1. J

    Tarantulas fs/trade mantis

    2 p. Metallica tarantulas 1”+ 2 h. Maculata slings Was hoping to trade for praying mantids but open to offers shoot me a offer and we can talk. Thanks
  2. J

    Lots of mantids

    5 l2 h. Venosa 5$ each  20 l2 S. lineola 5$ each  35 l2 r. Basalis 7$ each  20 l4 h. Membreancea 8$ each  10 l2 Poppa sp. 5$ each  Buy 4 get one free. Bulk orders discounted pm me for details and photos. Located in mount Vernon,Washington 
  3. J

    Adult/sub pairs

    Looking to buy adult or subadult pairs of mantids. I can trade or buy pm me with offers
  4. J

    nymphs fs

    I have 4 extra heterochaeta orientalis for sale $60 for all (sold) 6 l5 rhombodera extensicollis. 30$ per male and femalepair
  5. J

    Adult pairs

    Interested in buying adult pairs and confirmed fertile ooths. pm me with offers located in Everett Washington 
  6. J

    H. membreancea fs

    my female passed away and i have a adult male h. membreancea for sale for $25 plus shipping he molted yesterday night. 5/10/17
  7. J

    hierodula membreancea

    my female passed away so i have a sub adult male membreancea for sale or trade. make me offers located in everett washington 
  8. J

    wtb roaches

    looking to buy some roaches for feeders. prefer red runners or dubia. im willing to buy or trade, located in everett washington 
  9. J

    creobroter pictipennis

    I have a bunch of excess males adult males. willing to sell or trade or do breeding loans. located in Everett, Washington,USA
  10. J

    adult pairs and nymphs

    looking to buy adult pairs of any species message me with offers. also looking for sub and adult female poppa spurca. looking for sub,adult and presub males of heirdula membreancea. willing to do breeder loans or just buy them.  located in everett,washington, USA
  11. J


    Looking to buy adult/subadult mantis pairs and fertile ooths. Please pm with offers also need membreancea sub and presub males and sub or presub male spurca. Thanks located in Everett Washington 
  12. J

    Popa spurca

    Does anyone have any subadult female popa spurca they are willing to sell or we can work out 50/50 nymphs located in Everett,Washington, USA
  13. J


    traded chris a bunch of stuff and he said he would send a fertile spiny flower ooth and a european mantis ooth and a bunch of nymph cups and homemade enclosures I received the stuff weeks later which right when i opened it it reeked of cigarette smoke and i had to move it out of my house because...
  14. J

    Acromantis japonica

    I have a bunch of acromantis japonica nymphs for trade for any species. I bought them from Kelly Michelle McCarthy. Message me with offers also willing to sell at 6$ each.  Located in Everett Washington, USA
  15. J

    Gongylus gongylodes

    Anybody have a subadult female gongy for sale in the US? Possibly willing to trade or purchase message me with offers everett, Washington, USA
  16. J

    Double sheild for sale and trade.

    L2 double sheild nymphs for sale and trade. 8$ each when you buy 4 you get one free. Plus actual shipping. Message me with offers and trades located in: Seattle, Washington, USA
  17. J

    Pnignomantis medioconstricta

    I have l1 nymphs or we could wait to ship once they are l2. 8$ each bulk orders get discount.  USA only  located in Everett, Washington 
  18. J

    Hymenopus coronatus

    Looking to purchase orchid mantids. Looking for older nymphs l4 and above is perfect. Please message if you have any available. Located in Everett, Washington. USA only 
  19. J

    Looking to buy

    Interested in purchasing exotic mantis ooths, interested in most species just message me with what you have. USA only located in everett, Washington 
  20. J


    Looking to buy US native species, message me with offers. Tia located in Everett, Washington, USA