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  1. Nicole

    Looking for Saturniidae Pupae

    Does anyone have Saturniidae pupae available? I would especially love some Luna moths, but also interested in many others. Please send me a message if you have some to spare, thank you! :)
  2. Nicole

    What Sex is My Orchid?

    The collar color can change which is why I don’t base my sexing decision on that. The V notch on the last segment (the segment labeled “1” in your picture) does not change and it is only present in females. It can be very difficult to see with the younger instars. Here’s a photo of one of mine...
  3. Nicole

    What Sex is My Orchid?

    I still find that the V notch is the best way to sex, but here is a helpful graphic.
  4. Nicole

    What Sex is My Orchid?

    I would say it is a male due to the lack of V notch on very last segment. Time will tell, hope it does turn out female for you!
  5. Nicole

    Inactive Thread

  6. Nicole

    Inactive Thread

    I keep trying to delete this, but can’t figure out if it’s possible. If an admin sees this please delete-I have already received the answers I needed! Thanks.
  7. Nicole

    Inactive Thread

    This is an inactive thread.
  8. Nicole

    Mantis Inspired Art

    So beautiful and realistic! I really love your attention to detail, you are super talented!!😍💯
  9. Nicole

    Cole's Mantids

    Really stunning photos! Love the clarity, wow! Such beautiful mantids, you will have a blast with them!
  10. Nicole

    Who let the Dogs out?

    Love seeing all your super cute pups!😍😍 Here's a picture of my Doberman Lux at our conformation class the other day. He is 8 months old today!
  11. Nicole

    Non-Mantis related hobbies

    @Graceface Oh that's awesome you used to have one, they are amazing dogs! My Dobe is a male- a good boy but definitely still a handful at 8 months!😂
  12. Nicole

    Non-Mantis related hobbies

    Great idea for a topic, love learning more about everyone! Other than mantids I compete in conformation and obedience with my Doberman and love working out at the gym or outside.
  13. Nicole


    If I don't need more than a few at a time, I just politely ask the deli counter in the grocery store if I can buy some empty 32oz containers. I've never had to buy one yet, they have always just given them to me.  For larger mantids I buy the large cheese puff containers from Walmart. 
  14. Nicole

    Cute article that made me smile

    I loved how all the women entomologists came together to encourage this girl, made my eyes teary! It was my female entomology professor in college that ignited my passion for insects- power to the bug loving women! :)  Thank you for sharing!!
  15. IMG_9082.JPG


  16. Nicole


    DeShawn has been amazing! Really helped me out with a couple orchid males for my females and even included a free extra orchid nymph on my last order. Great communication, secure packaging and very accommodating- I can't wait to order again! Here is a shot of a p. wahlbergii just after molting...
  17. Nicole


    I have ordered fly pupae from Rebecca countless times and have never been anything but 100% satisfied. She always ships out promptly, sends me a tracking number right away and packages extremely well. High quality feeders and solid hatch rates. I absolutely appreciate your stellar customer...
  18. IMG_6458.JPG


    Creobroter pictipennis
  19. IMG_6665.PNG


    Hymenopus coronatus female
  20. Nicole

    A couple from the collection

    Great shots, thanks for sharing! I am loving that Pseudoxyops perpulchra!?