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    Im gonna be a granddaddy!

    What kind of whip scorp is she? Malaysian? Can't quite tell in the picture. and YES they are legal here in the States :rolleyes: We get them imported in quite often, and the ones Native to Florida are Huge The size of your hand!
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    Arghhhh, all the pain!

    I thought the spacers hurt more than anything else! Just remember to do everything they tell you, and wear your retainer when your done or you'll be like me.....after 2 yrs of braces when I was a teenager I'm thinkin' about getting them again at 28 cause they're crooked again!
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    Snowed in!

    I don't understand how you guys deal with all cold! It was 72 F today @ my house! But I grew up in a place where we never had a snow day but we did get to go home if the air conditioner broke in the summer! I was BBQing last weekend!
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    Unique Animal Expo, Hillsboro Oregon

    Unique Animal Expo and Pet Fair Hillsboro, Oregon Just outside Portland This Weekend! February 23 & 24, 2008 Come Visit the "Ken the Bug Guy" Booth and say Hi! Mention Mantid Forum and Get $5 off!! Hope to see you there
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    Upcoming Bug Shows in CA?

    Nothing here for a few months....but I'll keep you updated on shows as they come!
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    your top-3 films

    I kept debating adding 'Alien' to the list!
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    your top-3 films

    Me me me...Great movie! Ghost Busters Field of Dreams Battle Royale......hahaha don't hold this one against me ;)
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    Insects that can be imported into CA, USA without a permit.

    I vote for a)! But still I can't emphasize enough how illegal walking sticks are!!!! they'll get you for those, I'd love to get a license to keep them! I think every once in a while we should move out of CA just so We can keep those and more Beetles (my favorite) and then I think I'm...
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    Hello from rainy CA

    Today was pretty nice, Warm and sunny in the Eastbay! Nice to see more BATS!
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    Insects that can be imported into CA, USA without a permit.

    not exactly, You can not import "exotic" mantis into California but if they are here already they can sell them. Also Ooths are a gray area, there are no laws that say you can not import ooths. Lots of pet shops in CA don't know this! At the last reptile show we did the lady from fish and...
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    Hey Andrew who do you buy crickets from? With the weather here this week they should die!
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    SFBats meeting Jan 19th

    Thats what I get for making fun of Ken! ha.... ;)
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    SFBats meeting Jan 19th

    I love the way my husband left out some important info like Jan 19th 2008 Here is a little better description: The San Francisco Bay Area Tarantula Society (SF BATS) holds a get together every 2 months or so to talk, trade, buy and sell inverts. Yes there is a lot of tarantula talk, but...
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    shokking cat...

    Static Electricity is fun! :blink: When I sit with fleece blanket and pet my cat he goes nuts trying to get the blanket...he thinks its doing it to him, its just me and a little static shock...Just like rubbing your socks on the carpet and zapping your brother, or rubbling a balloon on your...
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    HORRIBLE TRAGEDY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well my first guess would be not warm enough, and/or moist. These guys like it warmer better! I had a few hissers to begin with and kept wondering why they 'miscarried' come to find out it was all about the temp. They do really well 85-95 F. Of course then you need to have more moisture...
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    FS: Tarantulas, Centipedes, Scorps, Mantis, Roaches and more

    Thats ok Robo, I understand. There are lots of scammers out there! And for some reason my husband is using Hook333 as his username instead of the usual KentheBugGuy. :unsure: He didn't throw the mantis up on the list either.... We have L3-L4 Budwings @ $6.00 each oh, I just didn't see...
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    Keeping Idolomantis with Ghost or other communal Sp?

    hahaha....Just needed some clarification for us Yanks! My cat gets less then the box says he should and is still almost that fat and beggin for food all the time. He's also the only cat who refuses any human food even tuna and won't drink milk.
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    FS: Tarantulas, Centipedes, Scorps, Mantis, Roaches and more

    Dude, these are all the critters I complain about feeding every week! Theres 3000 creepy crawlies in my "extra" room! hahaha :blink: