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  1. MantisNation

    LF subadult female orchid

    As title states, I'm looking for a subadult female orchid for my 2 pre-sub males. 
  2. MantisNation

    LF adult male phyllocrania

    as title says, looking for an adult male phyllocrania paradoxa.
  3. MantisNation

    Female orchid mantis wanted

    As the title says, I'm looking for a subadult or fresh adult female orchid mantis in the US. If you have any please PM me with prices.
  4. MantisNation

    Gonatista grisea - the hunt is on

    Look for a branch that's 7 ft tall or so and use it to tap the tree at 10-15 ft up. Once you see them move you have to kind of brush them to go down low enough for you to catch.
  5. MantisNation

    Gonatista grisea - the hunt is on

    Use a long stick and knock higher on the tree to get them to move. I usually find them 10-15 ft. Up and have to coax them down. 
  6. MantisNation

    Help sexing homenopus

    Thank you. Are you counting abdominal segments or what's your technique?
  7. MantisNation

    Help sexing homenopus

    It' been many years since I've sexed mantids and my skills have diminished lol. People with experience sexing hymenopus coronatus please help a buddy out! Here are 7 photos of different nymphs I need assistance with.
  8. MantisNation


    Purchased a theopropus elegans ootheca last week from him. Arrived today safe and sound. Excellent communication and quality packing. Thanks buddy! ??
  9. MantisNation

    Female hymenopus coronatus

    Ah I see. Nope it was only my father and I, we went on a trail towards the back where no o e goes and stumbled across some flowers and decided to take pics there. 
  10. MantisNation

    Female hymenopus coronatus

    Thank you Connor, and no oko.. She's mine and I brought her there for natural photos.
  11. MantisNation

    Female hymenopus coronatus

    Pics taken out at a park. 
  12. MantisNation

    Wtb male coronatus

    As the title says, I'm looking for a male hymenopus coronatus subadult or younger. Thank you
  13. MantisNation

    Ghosts L3-L4

    ghost.bmp ghost3.bmp
  14. MantisNation

    Creobroter Nymphs

    hey, are the creo nymphs ready?
  15. MantisNation

    Acanthops wanted

    Looking for nymphs of either Acanthops sp, pseudocreobotra sp, or any of the "flowery" type species.. I already have phyllocrania and a batch of creo. Coming in. PM me with what you have and prices.. Must use PayPal
  16. MantisNation

    What species of Acanthops is this?

    Brian these things are awesome man!! You better get these little guys in culture :-p lol. How many do you have at the moment?
  17. MantisNation

    Parymenopus davisoni

    Ismart that's awesome! I'm sorry only one survived, that's a real bummer.. Did you buy that batch of hymenopus l2 or is that from personal breeding?
  18. MantisNation

    Parymenopus davisoni

    Awesome little creatures, please load up more pics! ;-)
  19. MantisNation

    beautiful nymphs!

    Beautiful photos. This is one of my favorite mantids, yet to own any, I look forward to it though :-)
  20. MantisNation

    need female gongy

    Looking to get a female sub or adult gongylus gongylodes. Unfortunately my female died out of nowhere... i now have a lone subadult male which will need a female soon. Looking to purchase, or will give an ooth in return... PM me.