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  1. TheMantisQueen

    Help Breeding with Pseudocreobotra Ocellata (spiny flower praying mantis)

    I have 2 spiny flower mantis who are both ready to breed. They are from the same ootheca and I have successfully put the male on the female and he was accepted there until she realized after a few minutes and started using her forelimbs to take him off her back. Since then, she keeps rejecting...
  2. TheMantisQueen

    Is wild catching avoided in the mantid hobby?

    I would love to buy a mature male Stagmomantis. Please let me know if you’re selling any of them. Or perhaps, if you can give me tips on what bush or foliage it was in, please let me know. A Stagmomantis Limbata landed on my front porch wall and I housed and raised it to an adult. It would have...
  3. TheMantisQueen

    Male Mantis Mating Rituals

    I’d love to hear an update on whether they mated or not!
  4. TheMantisQueen

    Let see your setups!

    Are you selling any Stagmomantis Limbata adult males?!
  5. TheMantisQueen

    Looking for Adult Male Stagmomantis Limbata

    Hello! I’m searching for stagmomantis limbata, also known as Arizona or Bordered Mantis. I need an adult male for my adult female to breed them. I found her outside and I’ve been taking care of mantises for a long time. I had an extra enclosure so I set it up for her. She’s ready to mate in...