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    I purchased a mantid with habitat and fruit flies. It came as a kit. It was ordered on 8/26 and received on 8/31. The items were packed very well; everything was included and the mantid and fruit flies in great condition. Shipping costs were more than reasonable. This is a great outfit to do...
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    Guys you have to look at this please

    TC, those pictures would be fun to see. Hope you can get them. 
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    Aleenes tacky glue

    Has anyone tried Aleenes Tacky Glue for building mantid habitats? 
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    Welcome home mantids!

    This is very nice. Looks mighty fine! 
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    First molt under my care

    Ok, second molt just ended. Looks like everything went fine. Amazing how much bigger the mantis appears. Ya gotta love these critters! 
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    First molt under my care

    My Chinese mantis got through a molt this morning. I thought I was going to have a problem. He hung over a flower and really didn't have enough room.  Somehow he managed with only a slightly bent antenna. Amazing the difference in size. I may have to move some of the artificial flowers. 
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    How did YOU get into mantids?

    Great topic. I recently started collecting a few bugs. I don't know why. I have some isopods( sow bugs, pill bugs and a couple of millipedes ) and that got me searching the internet for other insects as well. Low and behold the wonderful  world of mantids! The wonderful world of fruit flies. An...
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    New to Mantid keeping

    Received first Chinese mantis in the mail on Friday. What a neat bug! I also have a couple of millipedes and a bunch of isipods. I have always had an interest in strange pets.  Retired about 5 years ago and now have plenty of time to enjoy the hobby. See everyone around the forum.