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    Leaving for a while...

    Mantid Community, Im taking a hiatus of mantis keeping for a while. :l Lifes getting super busy, and my plants are attention hogs. I can only focus on a few blood thristy monsters at a time apprently. That being said, i dont feel my mantises are as happy as they could be. So here's what i...
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    Skeleton shrimp FT

    i pm'd you but you never got back! :huh:
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    i love the petco cultures. nearly all i use. Theres a ton of flies in most, so i feed some right away and make a ton of cultures with them later! :D
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    Wanted: P. paradoxa, Creo, or other exotic-easy ooth(s)

    its my freaking host company! UGH! What are you looking for? Just pm instead, sorry for the troubles. :angry:
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    Wanted: P. paradoxa, Creo, or other exotic-easy ooth(s)

    Hey guys, Im searching for some P. paradoxa, Creo, or other exotic but easy to keep species' ooths. I can trade some subadult C. humeralis', spiders, and exotic/edible/carnivorous plants. I can also trade credit to my store or cash. Let me know, Frankie
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    its basically like keeping a backwards mantis. Highly evoilved, spikey legs in the back, herbivores, and want it dry, not wet. They grow in the same fashion as mantis, with instars and whatnot, but a little faster.
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    Just wondering....

    They become less skiddish (sp?), will readily take to you...they just become "tame" and easier to work with! :)
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    Gongylus, gongylodes

    WOW WOW WOW WOW! great pics! amazing bugs!
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    Newbie Questions

    Welcome to the world of MANTISES! Keep your substrate moist, but not too wet. Try keeping him under a desk light for warmth and humidity. I have handling mantids bulds a stronger, happier mantis, so no worries there. Does he have wings? If not anywhere from 1 to 3 months would be my guess...
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    Just wondering....

    i do. i feel it builds a stronger, more "friendly", mantis with habts better suited for the cultured world. Plus its fun haha.
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    mantises eat mantis

    am i the only one who does not understand? :rolleyes: haha i guess? :unsure:
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    Stumbled upon...

    welcome from CALIFORNIA which is better than ohio! :lol: :P seeing pics of Merlot would help! funny, i just found an ooth on merlot grapevine... :)
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    Found Smoke Mantis on market parking lot rosebush!

    man arkain you have GREAT luck for finding mantids! ive gotta start hunting again! :) hope she does well!
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    Ooth hunting tips?

    i love pasadena, minus UCLA that is. :P I have had good luck (in Long Beach), finding ooths in decidous trees, such as peach, maples, and the brush around them. As Rick said, the weedier the better!
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    if your looking for a decent humidifer-measuring unit, try Oregon Electronics or something like that. Thats what i use for my plants. Comes with a "mother unit" and two "probes". ~$50. I think humidity foam is a god-send. It not only raises humidity, it creates a nice little pad if your babies...
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    HELLLOOO FROM LOS ANGELES! (which is better than ohio! :P :lol: B) ) Welcome, and hope you enjoy this hobby for a long time to come! :)
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    i doubt it, its an semi-tropical african species if i remember correctly.
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    this is my betta!

    wow! a betta mantis...never herd of that one before! :P B) :lol: