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  1. OGIGA

    Exiting hobby, selling "Giant Malaysian Shield Mantis" oothecae

    Okay, I've been MIA from here for a really long time so I don't really know who here still knows me. Anyway, after hobbying with mantises for like 4 years, I think it's about time to spend more time with another hobby. I got this species from Rick and it's my third generation that I'm selling...
  2. OGIGA

    Malaysia shield mantis vs Indonesia shield mantis

    I wonder if these two species would be able to make viable offsprings.
  3. OGIGA

    How I feed house flies to my mantids

    You can do the same thing with a water bottle instead of a deli cup+vial.
  4. OGIGA

    Forked Tree Ranch

    They supply maggots to GrubCo so that kind of speaks for itself in terms of quality. I ordered from them twice using 2-day FedEx shipping. The first time was in the spring. The 2-day shipping actually took 5 days (stuck over the weekend). The maggots were still okay when I received them and...
  5. OGIGA

    Orchid mantis

    Orchid mantises are easy to care for. There's only one thing to pay attention to. It's that the male will mature much earlier. If you don't do something about that fact, you may be left without a mate for your adult female when she's an adult.
  6. OGIGA

    Swine Flu

    I'm not worried at all. If I get sick, I probably won't even go to the doctor. Haha. If I die, then oh well, it's not like I was going to live forever anyway. I don't know if this is correct, but it's supposed to be scary because it can mutate extremely quickly.
  7. OGIGA

    My experience collecting in Hong Kong and Malaysia

    I'm so surprised that you managed to get all those containers over here!
  8. OGIGA

    What I did besides bug hunting

    Wow, I didn't know that scorpions glow like that in UV light.
  9. OGIGA

    What I did besides bug hunting

    Did you got to that Avenue of Stars at night? At around 8pm I think every night, there's a light show with all the buildings lighting up and all. It's pretty cool.
  10. OGIGA

    hatching is finished

    I would advise to just keep the ootheca in the container with the other hatchlings.
  11. OGIGA

    Walking Stick Insects

    I'll have to recommend Extatosoma tiaratum. I personally think they're really cool.
  12. OGIGA

    Spell Check

    I use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both of them come with a spell checker, built in. Let me guess, you use Internet Explorer!
  13. OGIGA

    Removing marker from ff culture cups/lids

    I'm, by far, the laziest. I don't even reuse the cups! Cleaning that junk out and having an old cup to use again doesn't seem like it's worth the few cents I spend on new ones. Anyway, yeah, I use alcohol to remove those markers' marks [on other things].
  14. OGIGA

    Raising houseflies in 32oz pots.

    Wow, so it is actually working? I might need to start doing this. Paying lots of money and having maggots shipped to me in this hot weather isn't working. The maggots I bought are mostly dead, so the ones I sold to you and Doug probably aren't doing any better (so I contacted the supplier to see...
  15. OGIGA

    What I did besides bug hunting

    Looks like you had way too much fun in HK. I only ever did what the locals do, which isn't much. Haha. They're Chinese characters. Umm, I guess we're using different encoding schemes so they're not showing up right on your side.
  16. OGIGA

    My experience collecting in Hong Kong and Malaysia

    Now your trip is starting to look incredibly awesome!!!! Take me with you next time. :D
  17. OGIGA

    My experience collecting in Hong Kong and Malaysia

    Haha, Mr. Yeh's net is like so pro!
  18. OGIGA

    My experience collecting in Hong Kong and Malaysia

    Where are all the mantises and oothecae??? j/k Well, now I know where you went hiking because that sign said the place's name. ;) Looking forward to more updates! edit: Oops, I guess I should have hit refresh before posting that reply.
  19. OGIGA

    What I did besides bug hunting

    Awesome, Yen! Those bugs look like good mantis food too. I didn't know you guys like 大家乐. I personally really like 美心 and a 大快活 somewhere in 中环. Hope you enjoyed your time there!