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  1. PlayingMantis

    Free mantis cups and supplies, just pay shipping!

    I got out of the hobby several years ago and don’t plan on coming back, and I still have all my old mantis cups and supplies. They’re taking up space in my house and I don’t want to throw them away. Some of it needs to be cleaned. Just pay shipping. Cost depends on your zip code and how much...
  2. PlayingMantis

    Red runner roaches for sale

    I have too many red runner roaches. I'm selling for $10 per 100, shipping is $10 flat rate for as many as you want. I have thousands for sale.  They're around medium size I guess, some are a bit larger but no adults. Live arrival guarantee provided. Shipping from Virginia.
  3. PlayingMantis

    Yen Saw - (US)

    Thank you Yen for the shield nymphs. Excellent transaction as always.
  4. PlayingMantis

    SOLD Hestiasula major: Breeding Trio (1 Female, 2 males)

    For sale: $55 for a group of 3 Hestiasula major nymphs (1 female, 2 males) Age: L4/5 This is the last batch of mantises I have left. I have too many non-mantis hobbies going on, so I think I'd best let these go to someone who has more time to raise and breed them. A breeding trio.  Shipping...
  5. PlayingMantis

    FS: L3/4 Boxer nymphs (Hestiasula)

    FS: 6 L3/4 Hestiasula nymphs for $25 each, or you can buy the whole group for $115 + shipping. I think I originally bought them as Hestiasula spp but I remember posting on the forum and getting confirmation that it's H. major. They're L3/4 but they're still pretty small.  I tried to sex them...
  6. PlayingMantis

    SOLD FS: Florida Bark Mantis Trio (2 adults + 1 sub): Ready to Breed Soon!

    Florida Bark Mantis Trio (Gonatista grisea - Captive Bred) for $70 1 adult male matured 8/19 1 adult female matured 8/18 1 subadult female I let go of most of my mantises but was holding on to these because I really like them. But between 7 chameleons and 3 turtles and 100+...
  7. PlayingMantis

    FS Rhombodera basalis ooth

    For sale: R. basalis ooth $50 + $9 priority mail shipping I am selling my Rhombo's 2nd ooth laid yesterday. The first ooth hasn't hatched yet because it's only been 3 weeks or so. I witnessed a connection and I have connection photos if requested (they are grisly, because the female ate the...
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  9. PlayingMantis

    FS Orchid Pair - Ready to breed! SOLD

    Orchid pair - adult female and adult male - both for $80 This was my stud pair that I was planning to breed. The female is a very nice large girl, and the male actually (half) knows what he's doing. She matured on 5/24, and the male on 5/26. Thing is, between work and feeling tired a lot and...
  10. PlayingMantis

    FS Rhombodera basalis adult female (1 month old)

    SOLD FS Rhombodera basalis adult female (1 month old) $20 for her So here's the story, I had 1 male and 2 females. The first female ate the male after mating, so I'm left with this lone female. She's 1 month old and is in perfect condition, and I have no need for her anymore. You can try to...
  11. PlayingMantis

    FS L3 Violin Nymphs - Reduced prices

    L2 Violin Nymphs $12 each ~OR ~ 5 nymphs for $50 ($10 each) ~OR~ 10 nymphs for $90 ($9 each). Selling off the extras from my violin hatches. I don't need so many nymphs. Shipping: $30-40 USPS Express Mail $12 USPS Priority Mail  LAG included for both shipments, though I reserve the right...
  12. PlayingMantis

    Selling Mantises at Reptile Shows?

    I saw Carolina mantises for sale at a local reptile show. Not sure about the legalities of selling exotic species without a permit...
  13. PlayingMantis

    Is exo-factory a scammer?

    Do not do it. Save yourself from a lot of headache, disappointment, and wasted money.
  14. PlayingMantis

    FS L2 Violin Nymphs (Gongylus Gongylodes)

    L2 Violin Nymphs $14 each ~OR ~ 5 nymphs for $60 ($12 each) Selling off the extras from my violin hatches. I don't need so many nymphs. Shipping: $30-40 USPS Express Mail $12 USPS Priority Mail  LAG included for both shipments, though I reserve the right to delay shipment if the weather is...
  15. PlayingMantis

    SOLD FS Texas Unicorn L2 Nymphs (Phyllovates chlorophaea)

    L2 Texas Unicorn Nymphs:  $14 each 5 nymphs for $60 ($12 each) 10 nymphs for $100 ($10 each) I got a hatch of Texas Unicorn nymphs and I'm selling off the extras (I have around ~10 extras to sell). Shipping: $30-40 USPS Express Mail $12 USPS Priority Mail  LAG included for both...
  16. PlayingMantis

    What's your least favorite insect?

    Mosquitoes! I get eaten alive! I now go out of my way to pick off all the male mosquitoes under the porch light and feed them to my mantis nymphs. It's just so satisfying to watch them die. I once fed a female mosquito and the mantis started drinking blood from the mosquito's perforated stomach...
  17. PlayingMantis

    FS Mystery Hierodula/Rhombo Trio - Ready for breeding soon

    SOLD Price: $55 total for 1 adult female + 1 adult male + 1 sub male I'm selling a trio of mystery mantises. I posted on FB but got no definitive answers. I'm probably not going to be breeding these because I have other species to focus on. They're all nice and healthy, the female matured on...
  18. PlayingMantis

    FS Orchid Pair - Ready to breed! Sold

    Sold Price: $70 for a male + female orchid pair They're ready to be bred now. The female matured on 5/1 and the male matured a day earlier, and the 1-month mark is the best time for breeding. I'm too busy to spend time breeding them right now and I also have another pair so I'll let this pair...
  19. PlayingMantis

    Eastern box turtles

    I feel lucky to live near an area that has an Eastern Box Turtle population. In the span of less than a month, I've spotted a male and a female. Seeing these turtles have inspired me to get into the reptile hobby. Now I have two baby tortoises that I bought online as well as a chameleon that I...
  20. PlayingMantis

    FS Adult Female D. truncata (Dead leaf)

    Price: $30 for an Adult Female D. truncata I have an adult female truncata that molted 12 days ago. She is in perfect condition, but I can't find a male for her, and because of limited space and my recent foray into reptiles, I'm letting her go to make room.  Shipping: $30-40 Express Mail...