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  1. Cookie

    Comment by 'Cookie' in media 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU DIDN'T ORDER TAKE-OUT?!?!'

    Stunning! Cookie monster hasn't shown me her new wings yet but I sense a photo opportunity ahead.
  2. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster

  3. Cookie

    changes in eye colour

    Ive been fascinated at how a mantids eyes change colour with night and day, but have noticed that my chinese mantis still has pale eyes at night recently. I think she's going to molt soon, is this why there has been a change?
  4. Cookie

    How to mate aggressive mantids... (video)

    can I say, on behalf of us novices.... what an awsome video!!!!
  5. Cookie

    Hi from England

    Thanks guys, I've learnt so much from reading this site already. Looking forward to learning more :)
  6. Cookie

    Hi from England

    Hi, Im very new to all this. It started when I let the kids have some indian stick insects, they soon got bored of those after seeing through a couple of life cycles. Then I got them a pair of leaf insects which were way more interesting and fun to watch.... up to a point! I decided a praying...
  7. Cookie