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    Phyllocrania paradoxa (Ghost Mantis)

    Beautiful !!
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    Yen Saw - (US)

    Please can I have some information on Yen Saw, how would I order? I live in the UK : England. I know nothing about this person/ company therefore would really appreciate the information. Thank you in advance!
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    Black spots

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    Black spots

    Good Afternoon. She’s only had 4 moles. For a while the bioactive enclosure was perfect however I noticed as the plants grew, this is when the humidity dropped rapidly. Yes apologies I meant 11%. This is my first Mantis, I have brought a couple of books and tried researching her condition but...
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    Black spots

    Hi , thank you so much for replying! I got her in December as I baby so I think around 3 months old. The pet shop told me it was excessive water in her enclosure and once dried she will be fine but I’m not so sure. I hope she will be recover. I assumed it was mould.
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    Thank you 😊
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    Black spots

    Please can someone help. Are these black patches normal on my Asian Mantis. They are around her eye and lost limb ( lost during her 4th moult). Her enclosure is bio active but I have recently had difficulty in keeping the humidity higher. It degreases to 11 most days despite misting and cutting...
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    Good evening everyone. Thank you kindly for accepting me. My name is Marlene. I have an Asian Mantis which is my first Mantis. I joined the group as I’m always questioning my ability therefore the knowledge I get from this forum is appreciated greatly!